All You Need to Know about YouTube Kids for Android and iOS

YouTube is the largest broadcasting website and second largest search engine out there. Although, YouTube comes with dedicated application for users, yet, that is not up to the mark for kids. This is why Google has unveiled YouTube Kids focused on family content and delightful design.

How to use YouTube Kids for Android and iOS more effectively? How to place your kid into the safe side by using YouTube Kids? All the answers are written below. Here is everything you need to know about YouTube Kids.

What actually YouTube Kids is?

YouTube Kids is an application, which is available for Android and iOS. As YouTube contains all kids of videos including latest news, supererogatory clips, those may goof up your kids’ brain, Google has developed this application only for kids for an extermination free surroundings.
Although, YouTube is quite strict now, yet, there are many videos those cannot be caught by YouTube filters before uploading or getting published. Hence, the problem starts. If you are a parent and concern for your kid’s safety on the internet (mainly on YouTube), this app will help you distinctly.
This app will display only kid types of videos. That implies your kid will be able to watch cartoons and other videos like Sesame Street, Thomas & Friends, etc. At the same time, kids would be able to filter music, how to guides, science etc.
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Availability of YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is an official application developed by Google itself. As of now, this app is obtainable for iOS as well as Android. If you are on Android, just make sure that you have Android 4.1 or later version and iOS user should have iOS 7.0 or later version.
Although, any country constraint is not stated on Google Play, yet, my Android 4.1 and Android 4.4.4 mobile were not capable to download the app from Google Play while being in India. This seems pretty ridiculous.

Get Started with YouTube Kids

The user interface is good and designed perfectly for kids. To get started, just download YouTube Kids for Android or iOS. After installing and opening, you will get a screen something like the following picture,
YouTube Kids Start Screen
Tap on the Lock icon and enter the random password.
Passcode for YouTube Kids
The following image will be appeared right after entering the pass-code.
YouTube Kids Second Start Screen
Just tap on the empty area to search for any video. The player the good and not much complex to understand.
YouTube Kids Video Player
On the home screen, you will get a number of options for finding a precise item.
YouTube Kids Home Screen
For instance, you can search for shows, music, tutorials and explore various preset channels.

YouTube Kids Settings for Better Privacy and Safety

It has only few options to manage the privacy and put your kid into safe side. This is possible to set a timer.
YouTube Kids Timer
That means, if you set a timer for 30 minutes, the app will be locked down automatically after predefined time. This is the only parental control settings.
On the other hand, you can enable or disable background music, sound effects, search button.
YouTube Kids Settings
That’s it.
Is YouTube Kids Equitable or Spurious?
When Google introduced to YouTube Kids, it was much fascinating. Nonetheless, after using it for some while, now it does not look as good as it should be for a kid. That means it still has some flaws. Moreover, it does not contain many useful features, what are required for handling today’s kids.
According to Google, this comes with a parental control. In the reality, this parental control is very easy to cleave for a kid, who has basic knowledge on mobile phone and has used some regular security apps. For instance, if you have set the timer, your kid will have to enter a random pass-code to re-enable it. The password is very easy and they do not have to guess since YouTube Kids shows the pass-code on the screen.
There are more other flaws in this app. However, we should also give it some time to let it know more about user experience and add more options.