Scanbot Mobile Scanner App to Scan Documents & QR Codes

Scanbot Mobile Scanner App to Scan Documents & QR Codes – Almost on a daily basis, we come across some important documents to be filed or some useful newspaper ads to be saved or any newspaper article to be stored. A common way of getting all this done is by taking a quick picture from our smartphone camera and sharing with everyone on Facebook or Whatsapp.

Though it is a feasible solution, you would have seen that the outcome is not pretty good. The pictures of newspaper articles or ads or any text documents are not clear enough for smooth reading.

For this purpose, mobile scanner apps have been made available by mobile app developers for Android and iOS. One of the leading document and QR code scanning app for iOS and Android devices is ‘Scanbot’. The biggest benefit with this document scanning app is that it doesn’t produce a blur image and so makes it relatively easy to read the text, however small it may be.
Scanbot App Latest Version
You can easily scan business cards, bills or receipts, newspaper articles, agreements, minutes of meeting, gift vouchers, etc. with this amazing PDF document scanner application.
In this article, we shall go through the features of Scanbot Mobile Scanner app and understand the process of how to scan documents and QR Codes in Android & iOS using Scanbot.

How to Scan Documents Using Scanbot Mobile Scanner App

You simply have to switch on the camera of your mobile phone and point it towards the document you wish to scan. The only thing you have to do is to stay still. Scanbot will do rest of the stuff for you. It would determine the edges of the paper (or document) and automatically click a picture of it.
Scanbot points camera to document for scanning
You do not have to worry about straightening the image or cropping it. You would get a well-scanned premium quality image with text that can be easily read with your naked eyes.
ScanBot straightens image
It even helps you to convert the scanned document into black and white. How simple is that?

Scanbot Mobile Scanner App Features

It offers premium quality scanning functionality by delivering scans up to 200 dpi (or higher), almost same as that offered by the usual desktop scanners. As seen earlier, this app enables edge detection and reduces blur. The scanned image undergoes automatic optimization from the app that ultimately leads to sharp scans. It helps to convert the image to back & white or grayscale or color based on your requirement.
Scanbot converting image to different colors
The app’s perspective correction ensures that the scanned document is straightened before being converted to a PDF file. It supports multiple-page document scanning as well wherein you simply have to scan several pages one after the other and then save them in a single PDF document. After scanned documents are created, Scanbot even manages to provide cloud integration service i.e. you can upload the documents to your cloud account on One Drive, Google Drive, EverNote, DropBox etc.
Scanbot uploads to Cloud
It allows you to add your comments or signature to the PDF file and highlight any important information present it. It can detect QR codes utilizing different types of related information i.e. it can detect locations, phone numbers, events, hotspots, etc.
Several high-profile features like OCR text recognition, smart naming for easy tracking of scanned documents, etc. are provided through in-app purchases worth $4.99 i.e. with the Scanbot Pro version.

How to Download Scanbot Mobile Scanning Application

One can download Scanbot app for free at the following links for Android and iOS:

For further information about this app, you can refer: Official Scanbot Website
I found this scanning app to be just perfect for the purpose behind which it was designed. Have you installed it yet?