How To Update Google Plus Status with SMS [Google + Mobile Phone]

Google plus is taking the world by its simple and easy social networking interface. Google plus comes with new circle concept with which you can arrange your Google plus friends easily.

Considering many WOW factors of the Google plus, the important one is that they released the smartphone apps as soon they can for  iPhone and Android users and they also created a Mobile site for other smartphone users to keep them connected with the Google plus.

We have already discussed about how to get Google plus notifications at your mobile phone. Today we will be taking you through a simple tutorial with which you can update your Google+ status offline i.e., by SMS. This feature is exclusively available only for India and US users.

How To Setup the Google plus SMS Posting System

Step 1: Click the settings wheel icon in the Google plus page and click Google+ settings.

Step 2: Click Add phone number option below the email option.

Step 3: Enter your Phone number without the country code and click Send verification code.

 Step 4: You will receive a SMS from Google with six digit pin code.

Step 5: Enter the secret code in your Google+ settings page and click Confirm button.

Step 6: Thats it!. You have connected your mobile number with your Google+ account.

Step 7: Note down the Special Google+ number. This is the number which you need to send your Status Updates via SMS.

Step 8: Post a test update by sending a SMS to Google plus Number or +91-92222222222 from your mobile phone.

When the Google+ SMS server received the SMS it will update your status in Google+ with a special Via SMS tag in the status. This Status is automatically shared with the people in your circles.

P.S : Standard message & data rates apply for the SMS sent to the Google+ number. Please check with your carrier for SMS charges.
When you need to share your status with certain circles or only with a single person you need to send the status update with following codes as given below

@[circle name]
To share with a specific circle, append your post with @[circle name]. For example: “Will see you at the game @soccerfolks”.
To share with everyone in your extended circles, append your post with @extended. For example: “Any SF restaurant recommendations? @extended”.
To share your post publicly, append your post with @public. Public posts are viewable by anyone on the web. For example: “Any SF restaurant recommendations? @public”.
@[email address]
To share your post with a specific person, append your post with @[email address]. For example, “In SF for the week @[email protected]” will be visible to [email protected].

Hope you liked the above tutorial. Do share your thoughts with us at the comment section.