Track Sent Email When Read By Recipient – Tutorial For Dummies

Track Sent Email When Read By Recipient – Tutorial For Dummies – You would want the read receipt for an email you sent to ensure whether it has been opened (hopefully read) or not.

There are some email tracking apps in the internet to Track Sent Email when it is read by the recipient. The web apps notify you instantly when the recipient opens the email. Some web apps work fine, but unfortunately, there are some issues with the others.

When you send an email by post, the first concern for you is that if the person has received the mail or not. Then you consider, if he would have read it or discarded it. These things are not much of a concern in the modern age where you send an email to the right email address.

It is pretty obvious that it has been received by the other person. But, the second question remains intact, whether he has read it or was it lost in other thousands of email he received in the day.

The surety of receiving the email by the recipient is provided the email service providers such as, Gmail, Hotmail or Outlook, Yahoo and many more. But what they do not provide is the indication if the recipient has read the email you sent to that person.

How to Track Sent Email When Read by Recipient

Although the email service companies do not provide this service but there are many solutions on the internet for this specific problem.

There are software which provides a solution to this problem and provide you with lengthy details. But these details are only useful if you are doing a business.

These details are rather useless when you are just friends exchanging emails or a job seeker sending CVs. If this the case, then you just need to find out if the recipient of your email has read the email instantly without any hassle.

Get Notified When Sent Mail Is Read by the Recipient by using MailTrack

Now this is where Mail track for Gmail comes in. Everyone nowadays uses WhatsApp. It is with no doubt one of the most famous instant messaging app over every platform. If you use WhatsApp, then you must be familiar with the tick policy. Let me briefly explain this Tick policy.

When you send a message a single tick appears, this means the message has been sent from your mobile. When it is received by your recipient then 2 ticks appear.

And at last when the recipient reads the message you the ticks turn blue indicating that the recipient has read your messages. Now the reason behind all this explanation is to familiarize with Mail track, as it works same as WhatsApp.

It is a third party app but it is trusted. You just need to install this software onto your computer to get it working. After the installation whenever you send an email to anyone, a green tick mark would appear at the side of that email signifying that that the mail has been delivered.

And when the email would have been read you would know easily anywhere because then the tick marks will appear to be 2 in number. Double tick marks would signify that the recipient has read the email you sent.
Track Sent Email by MailTrack
How to download / install Mail track for Gmail
Downloading and installing this service is very easy and it is nothing more than a few clicks. To download the Mail track for Gmail you just need to follow the steps below.

  1. Open your Google Chrome
  2. Go to the Google Chrome Web store
  3. Now type in Mail track for Gmail in the search bar to find it
  4. Click download and install it on your Google chrome as an extension
  5. After the installation is complete you will receive a notification asking for the permission to enable Mail track for Gmail.

How to Enable Mail Track for Gmail

After the installation, the next process is as easy as said. You just need to follow the steps below.

  1. Click the button labeled as Activate Mail track on the notification.
  2. After clicking on the right option it will redirect you to the Mail track website. Here, you need to complete a simple process to get going.
  3. First off all sign into your Gmail account and press ‘Next’ button.
  4. Now, you will be at the Google permission page where Mail Track will ask for your permission to manage your emails. Click on ‘Allow’.

Additional Features of Mail track

Mail track not just offers to track sent email to tell you if the recipient has read your mail, it also offers some really nice features. One of the best feature is notification upon double tick on an email.

This feature is amazing because it allows you to hang around until the recipient reads your email. Obviously you cannot sit around staring at the monitor to know if the recipient has read the email or not.

This feature will send you a push notification on your desktop to let you know that the following email has been seen by the recipient. So that you can browse your internet without having to check your email status every now and then.

Another feature of Mail track is that, whenever you send an email through Mail track, it will add a signature line in the end of the email saying that “Sent with Mail track for Gmail”.

This could be a little annoying so you might want to disable this. This signature line can be removed clicking on the little cross button alongside the signature line.

If you want to remove it permanently you can do it through the settings panel of Mail track. You just need to click on the Mail track icon on the top right corner of your Google Chrome. This way you can navigate through the settings and change according to your needs.

Turn the Feature On or Off in Mail Track

Mail track also has something else to offer. Mail Track allows you to turn of the read feature while composing the email. You can do it by just one click of your mouse button.

Whereas, you can rather turn off the notification for the double tick if you are sending too many emails at once and you don’t want to get disturbed by the notifications.

You can also disable the notification from the settings for good, so you will not receive any notification by Mail track.

The button to turn off the notification or the double tick feature for any email you think is not that important is right beside the send button. You can just click on that button to change the settings for that particular email.

I hope you have gained from this feature article. And you have found Mail track useful for yourself. The options discussed above are free but you can always enjoy the full version by upgrading to the full version. Full version is not free. You can Download Mail track from here.

Track Sent Email by using Bananatag Browser Extension

You can use a simple browser extension, Bananatag to track sent emails from you Gmail or Microsoft accounts. All you need to do is to signup with the service and download it for your browser. It has different extensions for different email services like Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo etc.
Bananatag Email Tracking Service For Outlook Gmail
Once installed, you can start tracking your sent emails.
Track Sent Email with Bananatag
To see the tracking report for you email, log into the Bananatag member area with your email id and password. You should the tracking log of your sent emails.
Bananatag Email Tracking Log
You can track up to 5 emails per day with the free account. If you want more then you need to subscribe the paid plan.

But, if you do not feel easy to grant access of your email account to a third-party tool and you’re in Gmail, you can track the sent emails to check whether it’s been read or not by the recipient by making the use of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a popular tool to track website visits with various event handling options. But here, we are going to use Google Analytics for tracking the outgoing Email messages in Gmail.

What you need to do in this method is adding the Google Analytics tracking image into your message body. It will instantly notify you when the recipient read or open that email.

By this way, you’re likely to get a Read Receipt of your sent email without cluttering the message. Or, you don’t need to send another email for the acknowledgement.

Get to Know Whether the Recipient Did Open The Sent Emails by Using Google Analytics

The Google Analytics is a powerful tracking tool. We’ll add the Google Analytics tracking image into the message body with the help of Google Apps Script before we send it.

When the recipient opens the email, the image is downloaded automatically by the recipient’s computer and the the tracking code is logged. You can view the activity instantly as Google Analytics is a real time tool.

Here is how to setup all the things to track sent emails.

1. Visit this link and make a copy of that document. This will add the script at your Google Drive spreadsheet.
Track Sent Email by Google Analutics Script
2. Choose the Initialize option from the Track Emails menu and authorize the script to send the messages from your Gmail account with Google Analytics code. This is one time process only.
Google Sheet Track Emails Menu
3. Now compose a new email in your Gmail account, add the recipient(s). Don’t send it. Let it stay as a Draft in your Gmail account.
4. Go to the script page in your Google Drive spreadsheet and click Track Emails > Send Mail from the menu. This will let you choose the drafts which you want to send. Select the draft from the drop-down, put your Analytics Profile ID and press the Send button.
Select Draft to Send Emails Tracked by Google Analytics
You are done! You will now get the log information at your Google Ananlytics account when the recipients open the email.

How to View Event Log at Google Analytics to Track Sent Email

You ca view the logged information from Behavior > Events under the Standard Reports in your Google Analytics account. It should appear there as ‘Event Category: Email Open’. You can also view the real time data from Real-Time > Events.
Know if the Sent Email has been Read or not in Google Analytics
Note: This trick inserts a 1×1 transparent image into the message body. So, if the recipients do not enable the image for message in his Gmail account, it fails.

Do you track sent email? Did you configure your Gmail to receive read receipt? Do let us know.