Top Social Media Platforms You Should Always Know About

Top Social Media Platforms You Should Always Know About – Social Media platforms are more or less a part of our lives nowadays. People prefer staying updated with things around them. Social media helps them to stay updated not only on the things going on with the friend but it also has a lot of other important updates.

When it comes to social media there are a ton of platforms where you can either chat, share multimedia posts, put up status, and get the latest news.

Top Social Media Platforms

The latest news and updates across the world happening just a minute ago would be known across millions and billions of people across the world. It may be related to a football match, a mobile launch, or a disaster. The Internet has brought us closer and things get easier. Here are the top social media platforms you should always know about.


Top Social Media Platforms

One of the most popular social media platforms where you can have contact with your friends, family, and relatives. You get to know where they are, what are they doing from the photos, videos, and check-ins they do from time to time.

According to the latest statistics from Facebook, there are about 2 billion users active users among which nearly 1 billion users log into Facebook daily.


This the platform where the hottest and latest news are sighted first. Twitter is also known for its 140 character limit. Look for the tweets of the person you follow to get the latest and trending news. You can follow your favorite celebrity apart from friends to know what’s happening around. Twitter has changed a lot over time and is getting very similar to Facebook.


Do you prefer watching a movie over a book? Then YouTube is something very similar to that. On YouTube, you can watch a video related to anything and everything.

If you are interested in science, education, DIYs, technology, etc you can find everything under a platform. YouTube also has some of the latest features such as Live videos, asking a friend to watch a video. You can subscribe to the content which you liked for more such videos.


Reddit is one of the most engaging platforms. The concept of Reddit is simple, there are “Subreddits” AKA groups, which you can join. So, if you join a subreddit about r/funny, then you’ll get to see all the funny things shared by people all around the world.

The creator of the subreddit selects the moderators who moderate the subreddit strictly. Some bloggers also use this for generating traffic to their blog.


This is a professional platform for job seekers and job givers. The people with a profile on Linkedin can show their Resumes, Achievements, Certifications, Education, and other important details.

You can make connections to advance your career and showcase your strengths. Making more connections builds your profile. You can post for jobs, look, and apply for jobs from LinkedIn.


Instagram is known for photography. This is an art gallery where you can portray your talent and also look for the best ones in various fields. People across the world would view and appreciate your art.

The term tagging can to popularity from Instagram, where people would add tags related to what they post on Instagram. The search result would display the top results for any particular tags. People showcase photos of their hobbies such as foodie, photography, traveling, and much more.


Snapchat is the reason why “Instant stories” got very famous. It is among the fastest-growing social media platforms because of its unique features. You can upload multimedia photos, videos would appear up to 10 seconds. They will disappear after the time set as they are “self-destructing snaps.” Snapchat is also famous for its filters. This is famous among teenagers and kids.