Top 9 Free Media Players for Windows

Gone are the days when Windows Media Player was efficient to handle all your audio and video needs in a Window machine. Default Window media player does not completely control most of the media file types without downloading extra components. There are various type media players available to download free of cost.

If you are looking for media players, then there are different players available to download. The best free media players have been selected according to many specifications including support ability for video formats, audio formats, required resources, compatibility, user-friendly usage, security, stability, and support. In this article, I have added 10 free media players, which are performing very well for windows.

Top 9 free media players for windows

VLC Media Player

Apparently, VLC is considered to be one of the best media players for windows. It is a product of Videolan Organization. VLC is compatible with most of the Windows OS, and it supports all kind of audio & video files. You don’t need to spend a buck to download it. It has simple user interface without containing ads, and you don’t need to be a technical expert to operate it. This quality makes it as an ultimate choice of free media player for windows. If you have installed VLC Media Player on your system, then you don’t have to bear the burden of downloading additional codec files for playing different formats. By downloading its official software from its official website, you can easily get a collection of updates every day. You are also allowed to change the default skin of it.



Another popular media player that features in the list of video players for PC is 5KPlayer. It is powerful and versatile media player designed for most of the old and new Windows OS. It supports all video and audio codec and able to play high definition 1080 HD video.



It is yet another popular free music player for Windows. One of the great features of this player is that it doesn’t consume excessive CPU resources and able to play a range of file formats such as MKV, FLV, WMV, AVI, etc. It is a freeware and supports 36 types of languages. It also supports non-common formats while other media players are unable to play those formats. With the help of internal Codec files, you can smoothly use KMP Player even on a lower configuration PC.

You also create media libraries and get experienced with the high-quality performance of media player. You also get the facility to play DVD with this media player, and you can regulate the player’s screen according to your PC.

GOM Media Player

GOM Player is a popular media player, and GOM Lab develops it. It supports all mainstream file formats containing FLV, MKV, etc. Apart from this, it also features speed control, audio capture, video effects, etc. You can customize the skin of this media player and for this; you need to download different skins from GOM’s official site. It also helps you to find out a codec file while you play an uncommon media format. GOM Media Player is compatible with Windows XP S2 and above.



It’s a cross-platform media player and it is also considered to be one of the best media players for windows. You can use this player for watching movies. RealPlayer not only helps to play audio and video files but it also assists to share your video files via the cloud so that you access those files from anywhere, from any device. The sleek RealPlayer software supports a range of file formats such as MP3, MP4, Quick time and other Windows media file formats.
If you buy the premium edition of this Media Player, then you can get up to 365 GB storage. If you want to watch a video on a big HD screen, this player also gives you that facility. You need to install the app on that device.

Media player classic

In the list of video players for PC, Media Player Classic remains as one of the convenient options for playing a range of file format videos and audio. It is a lightweight media player and supports DTS audio with full-fledged support for Windows 10 OS.



Are you looking for quick to install and easy to configure media player? If yes, then PotPlayer is one of the most simple and easy to play interface. Drag and drop any file in this media player, and it will start playing instantly. That Potplayer also supports all kinds of file formats and has a smooth user interface.


DivX Player

DivX Player allows you to play Ultra HD and HEVC videos with high-class features. This media player supports all kind of popular video formats including MKV, MP4, DIVX, AVI, etc. It also features inbuilt media server, which can help you to play the videos on all devices. But the should support DLNA.


UMPlayer stands for Universal Media Player, and it is a free and open source media player. It is one the best software if you want to watch movies. You can see the power of UMPlayer when you watch a seamless video on your Windows Computer. It has an in-built codec, which can help you to play different media formats containing Matroska, MP4, XVID, VOB, etc. This software allows you select movies from the various streaming website including YouTube etc. So judge all features UMPlayer is an essential player if you a movie freak.


Before Windows Media Player is the only option to play any audio and video file but it does not support all media formats. Now we can get a various media player with plenty of features, and you can play all kind of media formats with these players. Here you can find some free media players, which can help you for playing any audio and video. Check out the above media players that can offer a range of features. You can even customize every element of your video using free media players for Windows.