How to Replace and Design New Tab Page in Google Chrome

What is common between developers, designers or graphic artists? Most of them have a great eye for detail and appreciate impressive designs. In fact, it is usual for such creative people to remember things that impressed them first time round. For these artists, there is no such thing as competition.

They get inspired by other designs & creative work which spurs them on to do good work. Technology has advanced so much that designers, graphic artists and web developers now get a chance to draw inspiration from design-based browser extension like Muzli. With this extension you can replace and design new tab page in Google Chrome.

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Muzli is a Google Chrome extension that fills your browser tab page with curated website designs, links and blogs. In this article, we shall go through the various features of Muzli design-based extension for Google Chrome. It is the ultimate developer’s tool set or designer’s tool set. Even if you do not use Chrome browser, you can directly find relevant features at: Official Website of Muzli
Muzli Chrome Extension Website
How to download Muzli Chrome-tab extension?
Simply go to the Muzli website and click on the button “Get Muzli for Chrome”. Once you click on this Muzli installation option, you get a pop-up message to add this extension as shown below:
Muzli Tab-page extension download
After you click on the “Add” button to complete the installation process, you will get a success message as below:
Muzli Design Breakfast extension installation success
Features of Muzli Chrome Extension
The most basic feature of this tool is that it enables you to get rid of the boring or monotonous default tab of Google Chrome and let you replace and design New Tab Page. It simply replaces it with curated design news i.e. latest UI, UX and interactive news from all over the web. Sooner or later you would come across some amazing designs that will blow your mind away.
It offers two tabs in the form of ‘Design’ and ‘Tech’. Each of these tabs contains a self-picked or curated set of resources, lists or links related to design. It contains related stuff under various categories like Dribble popular items, ‘Awwwards’ winners, CSS Design Awards, Behance Served popular items, etc. The ‘Design’ tab showcases some of Muzli’s favorite design picks from around the web world in the form of of websites, resources, links, blogs, etc.
Muzli Design Tab - Design New Tab Page

How to Design New Tab Page in Google chrome

In the ‘Tech’ tab section, one can check out the popular technology website or tech blogs. This tab contains a ‘Personal’ sub-section feature (available in beta version) which has been designed to provide a personalized service. The best part is all of this is automatic i.e. no user input is required. It considers your preferences when you visit the website and accordingly showcases information based on your interest. You even get the option to control this feed by simply selecting “Not Interested” for stuff you don’t find attractive or inspiring.
Muzli Tech Tab
Even though I am neither a developer nor a designer, I still have this extension installed on my Chrome internet browser. I just like to browse through interesting designs when time permits. Also, when a new tab opens up, I prefer the look of innovative designs or links rather than a plain page. So, I feel the Google Chrome extension Muzli can prove useful to many who seek design inspiration and not just digital inspiration. Do give it a try and please share your experience below.