How To Recover Wi-Fi Network Password in Windows 7,8

We like to keep our Wi-Fi network secure using the strongest password we can ever think of. Tough luck for the intruding neighbors, but sometimes it’s pain in the butt when we ourselves forget the Wi-Fi network password.
Just imagine a situation when a new friend arrives at your place and ask for the Wi-Fi password. How do you know, your gadgets, smartphones connects automatically, but not a hint you’ve about the Wi-Fi password.

If you’re the Wi-Fi router administrator, you can dig up the Wi-Fi password through Wi-Fi router connection page. But it’s a pesky situation unless you know this simple trick to recover Wi-Fi Network password which is stored in Wireless Network Properties.

Enjoy the picturesque ride and recover the Wi-Fi network password in minutes. Be it Windows 7 or Windows 8, you can find the Wi-Fi network password using this tutorial. Both the Operating System has almost similar steps.

How To Recover Wi-Fi Network Password in Windows 7 and Windows 8

open network and sharing center
1. Right-click the Network icon on taskbar and click Open Network and Sharing Center.
Basic network connections and connection information
2. Active network will be displayed right there on the screen(the one we’re about to explore). Though, a click on Change adapter settings would reveal all the networks your system has connected in past.
3. Click on the Active Wi-Fi network, the one with a green signal icon.
Wi-Fi status
4. Wi-Fi Status window will pop-up revealing information about the active Wi-Fi network.
5. Click Wireless Properties. Another Wireless Properties window will pop-up.
Wireless network properties
6. Under the Security tab, check Show characters to see the Wi-Fi network password in plain-text.
The procedure works for both Windows 7 and Windows 8. But there is a special shortcut method in Windows 8. Let’s give it a try.

Quick Go To Method For Windows 8

Though, method aforementioned works for both Windows 7 and Windows 8, but Windows 8 users could skip most of these steps to reveal the Wi-Fi network password. Here’s how.
1. On the desktop, click the network icon. Left-click!
View connection properties in Windows 8
2. From the right slide menu, under the Wi-Fi, right click the active Wi-Fi network and choose View connection properties.
3. And there you’re, on the same pop-up, which would reveal the Wi-Fi network password.
That’s how you can recover the Wi-Fi network password without the administrator rights of the Wi-Fi router configuration. Do share, if you’re facing any problems.