8 Popular Sites from Where You Can Purchase Bitcoins

8 Popular Sites from Where You Can Purchase Bitcoins – We personally recommend you to only invest the money you can afford to lose because when it comes to cryptocurrency, nothing is stable.

One day, you might see a growth of 100%, but some days can bring you to a loss of as low as 400% or even more. If you are looking forward to multiplying your money by investing it in Bitcoin, then you need to first purchase Bitcoin.

That’s why we’ve created a list of sites from where you can buy Bitcoins. You can buy Bitcoins by cash, PayPal, online transaction, debit/credit cards, Ecoin and various other modes. Finding a trustworthy exchange or seller is very important as some people tend to lose money in order to save the commission paid to the exchange.

8 Popular Sites from Where You Can Purchase Bitcoins

1. Coinbase

purchase bitcoinsThis is one of the biggest trustworthy Bitcoin exchange located in San Fransico, California. You can purchase Bitcoins using Credit Card or bank transfer from Coinbase. Coinbase is available for sales and purchase of Bitcoin in 32 different countries. If you are new to Bitcoin then there are simple tutorials about what Bitcoin is? How to purchase? Where to use? Coinbase would charge 1.49% on US bank account transfer, Coinbase USD wallet and 3.99% on Credit/Debit cards. Visit Coinbase

2. Poloniex

exchange bitcoinsThis is an exchange where you can purchase Bitcoins in exchange of other cryptocurrencies such as Auroracoin, Bitconnect, and 70+ such digital currencies. This exchange is located in Delaware, USA. The registration on this website is very simple. There are statistical representations which would help you to purchase/sell. Since Bitcoin can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies Poloniex is available in most of the countries. The commission varies from 0%-0.25% on Poloniex. Visit Poloniex

3. LocalBitcoins

buy and sell bitcoinsThis is more like a Bitcoin retail store where you can take hard cash and purchase/sell Bitcoins from the retailer. In order to purchase Bitcoins from LocalBitcoins, one must have a Bitcoin wallet. The website would show you the nearest person who is willing to purchase/sell Bitcoins. This exchange accepts most of the currencies as it happens in the same native country. LocalBitcoins is private and doesn’t require personal verification, except some sellers. LocalBitcoins charges 1% commission on transactions. Go to LocalBitcoins


bitcoins exchangerCex.io is a Bitcoin exchange located in London, UK. On Cex.io payments can be done through Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer, and cryptocurrency. This exchange allows the users to pay in 4 different currencies which are USD (Dollar), EUR (Euro), GBP (Pound), RUB (Ruble). This exchange is known for margin trading and affiliate system.Visit CEX.io

5. Kraken

Buy BitcoinsKraken started its journey in 2011 and is located in San Fransisco, USA. This exchange has Ethereum trading, leveraged margin trading, and dark pool apart from Bitcoin. This is a secure and trustworthy where every transaction is encrypted. Kraken has the highest volume of transactions in Euros, while it also supports other currency such as Canadian Dollar, US Dollar, British Pound and Japanese Yen. Apart from bank transfer Kraken also supports altcoins. Browse Kraken

6. BitMEX

Bitcoin DerivativesBitmex is owned by HDR Global trading is the Republic of Seychelles incorporated, entity. This is mainly known for marginal trading and leveraging which is up to x100. BitMEX has live trading statistics and representations. The fees on this exchange are lesser when compared with the rest, the charges vary from -0.025-0.25% even at various leverages. Visit BitMex

7. Bitfinex

bitcoin trading siteIt is a Hong Kong based exchange where even another cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, Zcash, Ripple and much more. Bitfinex allows the liquid order of crypto currency. It supports margin finding as well as margin trading with leverages. Bitfinex also allows the users to customize the interface. This exchange charges a fee ranging from 0% to 18%. Link To BitFinex

8. Yobit

Trade BitcoinsThis is a Moscow based exchange in Russia. Yobit is one of the largest exchange which accepts about 300+ cryptocurrency for transactions. This exchange has a lot of statistics and analytics related to various crypto currencies. Yobit also has a salient feature which allows the users to play ‘Dice Game’ and win prizes in cryptocurrencies. Visit YoBit

These were some of the best, trustworthy, legal Bitcoin exchanges which most of the cryptocurrency experts suggest. Some of the unknown sites would levy nil charges purchases but they may tamper your credentials or may cheat the users.

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