How to Play YouTube Songs on Guitar or Piano

How to Play YouTube Songs on Guitar or Piano – Always wanted to strum a guitar and break into that perfect solo? Well, it might just be possible. All of us know that learning to play the guitar takes a lot of dedication and time.

If you do not have the time for this, you can learn popular songs quickly and play these songs to impress your friends with Riffstation Play! This application will help you analyze any song that is present on YouTube and give you the exact sync of the chords for the guitar, ukulele and also a piano. So, if you have been thinking about mastering a few songs that you like – this is the application for you! Currently, this app is available in the beta version.

It’s extremely easy to use the app and it is one of the highlights of the application. You can visit the Riffstation website, hunt down the song you want to learn and the web application would play the music video and give you directions with chords and also give you the notes that are being played during the video. You can pause the video, and move through it seamlessly. This makes it extremely easy for you to learn the instrument. Also, you can switch instruments at any time to get a better idea about playing the instrument.

Play YouTube Songs on Guitar or Piano using Riffstation Play

The application has been received very well and has more than 1, 00,000 users today. The working of the application is quite remarkable actually; the app uses a chord detection algorithm that picks up all the sounds and chords with about 85% accuracy. So, this pretty much covers most of your rock, slow rock and pop music. This is the case when the chords are exact matches to that being played when the song is recorded, however if you think you can use another key to play the song on the guitar, you can use the ‘Capo’ tool.
A key benefit of using the application the sheer volume of music you can sift through and the different genres and songs the apps recognizes. This has to be one of the biggest advantages of the application. Plus, the application database works on songs that have been matched more frequently – enabling you to have error free service on the same song in the future.

Riffstation Play song chords.min

Example of a song chords being displayed using Riffstation Play

Now, there are bound to be instances where you can change chords that are not right, but this feature is not on the application yet and is expected shortly. To top it all, the application is available for free. If you are looking for advanced features though like loading songs from a separate folder – or something that is not uploaded on YouTube, you would have to purchase an advanced application. This Pro version of the practice app is available for Mac OSX and Windows PC users at a price of $49.99. You can slow down and mute the guitar, sift through the music and even create your own jam tracks.
There is a mobile application too so that people can learn how to play YouTube songs on guitar. No matter what you say, the application is perfect for the select few who have always wanted to play the guitar but just could not cut time out for it. If you are one of those, this application is tailor made for you. With such ease on an application, you have absolutely no excuse now to not perfect that song you wanted to play on the piano or guitar.
One can check out further details about this application on Riffstation’s official website at: Riffstation Play official website. You can also download a free trial of Riffstation pro version from: Downloading free 30-day trial of Riffstation.