Open Settings Panel in Windows 10 using Different Keyboard Keys

Microsoft launched Windows 10 which is with no doubt the best version of Windows yet. It received an enormous response from the Windows users, a positive response. Windows launched Windows 7 which was a surprise for many users all over the world but the times changed and the technology was revolutionized. So did the expectation of the users towards their operating systems, so as a result Microsoft launched Windows 10. The developers of Windows 10 made sure to surprise their users with many new features, functions, tools and many other specifications to enhance the user experience. Windows 10 is the version of Windows which is totally different from the preceding versions of Windows. The developers installed many new features among which is the new Setting Panel, which has revolutionized the change of settings in Windows.

Introduction to the new Settings Panel in Windows 10?

Settings panel is simply the feature in Window 10 to help users to open and alter different settings. This kind of feature was never introduced in any of the previous version of Windows before. For the purpose of altering the setting user could only use Control Panel in all the previous versions of Windows. Although Windows 10 has Control Panel but alongside this Control Panel Settings Panel has also been introduced. The Setting Panel does not allow the user to change many of the settings as in Control Panel as it is more of a quick settings panel, to change some useful rather handy settings.

The new Settings Panel allows the Window’s user to change the settings regarding some of the following; notification priority, change title bar color, set custom log in screen background image and do many other things.
As this new settings panel is a quick setting panel for the users than it should also open quickly when the user wishes to change any settings. For this purpose, Windows has by default included a simple keyboard shortcut to open the Settings Panel. To open Settings Panel the default Keyboard Shortcut is Win + I. pressing these two keys simultaneously sill open up the Settings Panel in no time.
But as with many other computers stuff, you may find some glitches to this shortcut or due to any other reason you may not be able to open the Settings Panel through this shortcut. Many people claimed to have this issue due to several reason, those reason may be due to the use of external keyboard or the reach of the finger. To solve this problem for the Windows users, and to open the Settings Panel with any other keyboard shortcut, you must follow the guide below. There is another way of opening your Settings Panel by pinning it to the taskbar and opening it by just clicking on that pinned icon, but this guide will help you with the opening of the Settings Panel through any keyboard shortcut of your ease and choice.

How to open Settings Panel in Windows 10 using different Keyboard Shortcut keys

For this purpose, you do not need any third party app or any other software. Windows has built in features and tools to do this job. The simple process starts with making a desktop shortcut and assigning of the hotkey to the specific shortcut. To do this follow the steps below.

  • Go to your Desktop and right click on an empty space on your Desktop
  • In the menu, hover your mouse over New to expand the menu
  • In the expanded menu, click on the Shortcut option to open a new window

  • The new window is a Wizard to help you create a new Shortcut
  • There will be an empty space, where you have to enter the specific text (explorer ms-settings)

  • Now click next to move forward with the procedure
  • Name your shortcut so that you may recognize it on your Desktop or anywhere you wish to place it
  • Now click Finish to complete the procedure, creating the shortcut instantly

After your shortcut has been created you need to follow the steps below

  • Right click on the shortcut you made before to open the menu
  • Click on the option of Properties on the menu to open a properties window for that shortcut

  • Now you can find a short key box and you can create any short key you want at your ease
  • Now click on the button Ok to save and close the window

This is the full process to change keyboard shortcut keys for your Settings Panel in Window 10. It was easy, wasn’t it! Now you can change the keyboard shortcut keys whenever you want and create a new shortcut as per your need. Changing the keyboard shortcut keys of your desktop shortcut means the change of keyboard shortcut keys for your Settings. I hope it works for you.