How To Mute All Tabs Automatically In Google Chrome

Google won’t add a ‘mute tab’ option to Chrome, but with Mute Inactive Tabs Chrome extension, you can. It’s quite annoying when all of a sudden some tab starts playing sounds or videos on their own, and you’ve no idea where this eerie(yeah, when it’s all of a sudden) sound’s coming from. With Mute Inactive Tabs Google Chrome extension, you can put an end to all the strange sounds that haunts your web browser.

This nifty Chrome extension saves you a lot of hassle, just imagine you’re browsing in your office or in a library for the worst, buried few Chrome tabs down, and all of a sudden some video starts playing on one of them. Not only it’d attracts lots of eyes on you, but it’s quite an embarrassing situation to be in.

Though, Google Chrome displays a speaker icon to help you find out the tab, where the sounds coming from. But you still have to look for the advertisement or video or wherever the sound’s originating from. In all, it’s cumbersome to manually mute tabs in Google Chrome. But with Mute Inactive Tabs, you can automatically mute all background tabs in one click.

Automatically Mute Background Tabs In Google Chrome

How To Mute All Tabs Automatically In Google Chrome

  • Pay a visit to Google Chrome web store for Mute Inactive Tabs.
  • Click on Free, then Add the Mute Inactive Tabs to Google Chrome.
  • That’s it. Live in peace.

I’d recommend this nifty Chrome extension to everybody who’s work demands peace and no-distraction sort of environment. With the help of speaker icon(what’s displayed on a tab where sounds coming from on Chrome these days) you still have to look out for the tab to put an end to it. Not a good sign for a productive beast in you.
mute inactive tabs in google chrome
While Google had its reasons not to add a mute option to kill that sounds, since it’s crossing the line with the user content, as you must have read in the link aforementioned. If Mute Inactive Tab is not an option by default in Chrome, you still can customize Google Chrome to your liking’s.
There’s one more Chrome extension(MuteTab) that mutes background tabs in Chrome, but doesn’t work like a Swiss-army knife as the one mentioned above.