Introducing SMS Organizer by Microsoft as the Best SMS App

Introducing SMS Organizer by Microsoft as the Best SMS App – SMS is one of the oldest and most used features on mobile phones. After the introduction of instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger. SMS usage has reduced to an enormous extent. These apps include multimedia transfer, group chat, video/audio call, and a lot more than just text messaging. They are in fact cheaper too! SMS Organizer is an SMS app from Microsoft which is simple and best at its task.

This app is available on Google Play Store for most of the countries. It works just like the other SMS apps, but it has some unique features which improve the UX while using a smartphone. Let’s dive into the features to know more.

Features of Microsoft SMS Organizer

SMS Organizer

SMS Organizer has useful features that are handy in your day to day mobile usage. It simplifies not only mobile usage but also shows its intelligence while performing tasks. Here are some of the features of the Microsoft SMS Organizer.

OTP Detection

Ever had a problem remembered/copying an OTP for an online transaction? I have faced it a lot of times. The process of opening the SMS trying to copy just the OTP or remembering the OTP from the notification and later typing it wrong. On the SMS Organizer, it is straightforward if you get an OTP for an online transaction. You directly get a copy option on both the notification as well as the text message.

This would be easy to paste at the payment gateway. The app is smart enough to know the OTP and helps you to enter it in the required website/app.

Intelligent Message Sorting

Clean SMS Inbox It is always frustrating when the promotional messages and other spams mess up with the important text messages. But on SMS Organizer it is handled efficiently by the intelligent message sorting which would sort the message automatically. There are various categories such as personal, transactional, promotional, archived, and blocked. Now it is easier for you to look for a particular message.

The next time you get, a message it is automatically sorted and listed down in that particular category. The best thing about this feature is, you don’t have to rely on apps like Truecaller for SMS purposes. (Recover Google Account Password Through SMS)

Integrated with Google Drive

SMS Organizer is built with Google Drive backup option which helps to backup/restore the SMS easily from Google Drive anytime. You can set the backup automatically on a daily basis, weekly basis, etc, or backup manually. It would help you to restore all the text messages from the cloud at one click when you change your phone.

Smart Reminders

You might have a movie booking tonight, and you might have forgotten due to the work pressure. SMS Organizer would remind you of a notification. It works on many other things such as credit card bills, appointments, travel dates, etc. The app is smart enough to pick up the date mentioned in the text message and give a reminder to you. Apart from this, there are options to set a reminder by yourself for any text message for notification in the future. With this feature, it would be hard to forget important work before time.

Free SMS Option

You also get 30+ free messages every month depending on the country you are staying in. You can use this instead of getting charged on your SIM card. These messages are sent with the help of an internet connection hence you don’t even need a cellular network. However, in the absence of a Cellular network, it is important to have good WiFi.

Filters similar to Email

You can manually send a particular message to any of the categories mentioned above. It is akin to the email where you can mark a mail as reading, send it to archive, trash according to your choice. You get this option on SMS Organizer by long press on any text message and move the message to the category required. This helps in sorting unwanted messages from the personal and transactional category.

This is a free app and does not contain any ads or in-app purchases. It also is helpful with smart features, backup, and many more options when compared to a regular SMS app. I would recommend you to use this app since this app barely consumes about 35MB of data.