Manage All Chat and Messaging Services at One Place

Social networking has taken a huge leap in recent past. Without any doubt, Social networking has brought people closer and connected everyone from everywhere. Nowadays every person uses one social networking app / website or another. It is not that simple anymore. People do not use social networking websites just for connecting to other people. They use it for different purposes such as for advertising their businesses. People using these social networking websites for different purposes are in a hassle to manage these different websites. Because all of these sites serve a different purpose. So many people might wonder if they could manage all these websites from one place.
As the smartphone age arrived another use of social networking came forward, which is instant messaging service. These apps on smartphones made it very easy to connect and contact any of your friends and family whether home or abroad. Such as WhatsApp for the close friends who know your mobile number, Facebook messenger for those friends who do not know your mobile number but can contact you. Then there is Hangouts by Google and Skype by Microsoft. The list of these apps goes on and on, making it a never ending because of new apps being developed every day. These apps are not only available on your smartphone; they are also present on your PC.
So managing so many apps with so many complexities is not very easy job.
The managing problem persists with instant messaging apps too. Because all of them are important for almost every person. The real problem comes in when you use these apps on your desktops. Not only apps but other websites and softwares. The problem here is that you have to log in to every single website one by one, then open different windows to chat with different people on different platforms. This is where Franz comes in for the rescue.

What is Franz?

In simple words, Franz is a messaging for your desktop, which combines almost all the instant messaging services there are on internet or on our PC in one simple application software. The impression of this software is pretty simple but it offers a great service. To understand what Franz has to offer let’s look at an example. Think of a person using his PC for communicating with his clients on Slack, messaging with his friends on Facebook messenger and conferencing a meeting using Skype. It would be excessive hassle for this person to jump from one place to another replying one person on one platform and the other on the other. Franz puts all of these social networking apps and websites in one simple software to save you from all the hassle you were going through.

Franz currently supports ten popular messaging services which include WhatsApp, Slack, WeChat, HipChat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Google Hangouts, Skype, GroupMe and Grape. More than one can ask for.
The best feature of Franz, which is one of its kind, is that it enables the user to add any number of accounts as the user wishes under one messaging service. For example, you have to 2 Facebook accounts for reasons maybe one for business or friends and one for family, and you also use skype to video conference with your colleagues, Franz is here for your help. According to the developers of Franz you can use 5 Facebook messenger accounts at once and any of the other app you are using on Franz.

Many business men concern for their privacy and the safety of their confidential data they send over the net to other colleagues. This concern of many people has been addressed by the developers of Franz. According to the developers Franz does not read any data or any key stroke you make while chatting or logging in. it is just like a mediator which lets you exchange messages over different platforms and make sure that they are delivered.

But the best thing about Franz has not been discussed till yet. Finding out about this software would have you wanting more now. But the major concern is the price of this software. the relief is that Franz is completely free of cost for all the platforms. It is available on Windows. Mac and Linux platforms.

You can download it for free from here or read the back story of the product here.