Making Optimum Use of Google Classroom Tool

Google classroom tool
Google has been entering productive spaces for the past few years and performing exceedingly well. One of the latest space entered is “Google for Education”. Recently, they announced Google Classroom – a learning management tool for teachers to provide a connect with their students. The tool would help teachers give assignments and feedback on their performance and grades. Ever since the tool has been rolled out, there have been more than 100,000 educators from 45 countries trying and working on the same.  With such widespread advantages in place, the internet giant has made the service open to any person that can access Google applications for education. They would be able to use the service as on date.
The tool is a definite sign from Google to enter the educational space to bridge the gap between students and teachers.  This tool is equipped strongly with Google applications to improve productivity like Google docs and slide.
The preview of the application was announced in May and has since then been long awaited by educators around the world. In an attempt to reach out to as many schools and teachers around the world, Google has announced that the service is free for schools as part of Google apps for Education suite.
The tool is available today in 42 different languages and gives teachers and instant access to the content management system. They would be able to update the progress of the students, control the attendance of their classes better and give them steps of improvement with ease. It is not only an advantage for the teachers, but for the students also. They would get better learning techniques and also be able to figure out where they need to improve in each subject.
Google has planned to invest in the educational market and would be covering this space well with Chromebooks in schools. With Google Play for education, it even offers the opportunities to purchase Android apps and books so that teaching to students becomes seamless in nature. Once these methods are created, you would be able to use Google laptops that are loaded with these apps and submit daily assignments, submissions and exams. Teachers would be able to make Google classroom the nucleus for all further educational communication and prove to be a strong ecosystem in the process.
There can be constant discussions about different educational as well as subject related queries and this will encourage better learning. In many approaches, this seems to be the ‘classroom of the future’ & the way educational systems will be rolled out. Teachers would be able to give channeled attention to each ward and relate to digital worksheets at any time. Plus, keeping this tool active on mobile gadgets and tablets would be a fantastic way to boost popularity and usage.
To access further details about the Classroom tool, one can refer: Official site for Google Classroom tool
Final words
In the past, Google initiated another tool Oppia for online education purpose. But it could not make any significant buzz till now. Hope it will get its way for which it is launched. We’ll keep a deep focus on both Oppia and Google Classroom Tool. Stay tuned with us and get latest updates on these services from Google.