Internet Data Usage Tracker on Android Phone: Free Apps

Today we are going to learn ‘How to Track Internet data usage on your Android phone’ and get some significant notification about monthly data usage. You can easily monitor the data usage and get instant alert when internet connection heading forward to lower limit.

So, here we have some free Android apps, which are going to tell us about the data usage and also help in monitoring the bandwidth used by different applications.

Internet Data Usage Tracker on Android Phone: Free Apps

1. Opera Mobile – It is a web browser for mobile phones like iPhone, Android, Symbian and other mobile operating systems. Previous version of Opera Mobile was not having data usage tracker but after some great efforts, Opera Mobile came up with its latest version as Opera Mobile 11.5 for Android with Data Usage tracker. You can find it under the path Menu > Help > Data Usage. From here you can find the bandwidth meter to check the consumption during your browsing session.
OperaMobile11.5 Data Monitor and tracking
It is different from other web browser and data usage tracker because it is not able to track the upload usage or data download for some applications like third-party services. So, Opera Mobile and Opera mini is for those who were not using 3G and wanted to browse bit faster on mobile.
Actually, Opera Mobile compresses the web page and sends the optimized copy directly to the user.
2. Droidstats – This smart app will allow you to track sms quantity sent or received, incoming and also outgoing call minutes and the data usage transfer amount within limited data range. You can check how much data actually you have downloaded through Wi-Fi connection and 3G internet connection.
One advanced feature of using this app is that you can export your sms and call event information into excel CSV (comma-separated values) files. Thus, you can easily check your incoming and outgoing detail for last few months.
Now, as per your requirement, you can easily control and set the limit of outgoing call minutes, sms quantities and other billing.
3. 3G Watchdog – It is also an app for tracking 3G Internet Data Usage for mobiles. It enables us with weekly and monthly bandwidth usage limits. You must always switch it on to get it an idea on how much internet bandwidth you are using.
Important Features:

  • Enable notification alert when your monthly data exceeds 75% of total quoted data.
  • 3G connection automatically cuts when mobile device enter in Wi-Fi connection range, which saves some of your data transfers.
  • It will be re-enabled automatically when monthly quoted data will back under limit after recharge.

It is totally correct and provides you with complete data for the upload and download usages to find out when you have used the internet to a maximum limit.  This app is not only the best but also free to the user.
4. Data counter widget – This is another simple Android app for tracking internet data usage. All you need to do is, simply drop this Data counter widget in your home screen and keep the complete track of network usage, 3G, GPRS and Wi-Fi traffic.
Data counter widget- track-network-traffic
5. Onavo – This is also another great and free Android app for internet data usage tracking. It keeps the details like which applications are consuming maximum internet data, when your phone is connected to internet.
Mention which data usage tracker are you using?