How to Save Article in Apple News to Read Later

iOS 9 was one of the most famous and most wanted iOS by Apple. It was introduced to the Apple users a while back. It brought along so many new features along with classic ones. It was the first iOS to grab 50% users within the week of its launch. Along with many new features you might have also got Apple news on your Apple device. But there is a 50 – 50 chance of getting this feature on your Apple device as it is only available in United States. But to make this 50 – 50 chance to a full 100% chance you need to learn something tricky.
Using this app on your Apple device would have taught you almost everything about this app. But the people who haven’t used this app ever you may find the information below useful to get acquainted to this wonderful feature of iOS.

Introduction to Apple News?

It can be clearly deduced from the name of the app that it is a news app from the Apple Inc. for the iOS devices. This app helps you to get daily news on your smartphone without any hassle. This app also offers two interesting ways to search for latest news. One is by going through the news by topic in alphabetical order or by the time they came forward. Second way is to search for news by websites, those of which provides the news. This helps you to add your favorite news website to your Apple News.
Although Apple News is a wonderful app but it is sheathing behind. The main reason for it to be lagging behind from other news apps is due to the fewer functions, tools and actions that can be performed. Due to this reason other news apps take its position with many tools and functions such as Feedly or Feed Reader or BBC news app. But even the functions are fewer but all of them are very useful and unique in their own way.
As said earlier Apple News has few functions but all of them are very interesting and useful. So same as above there is a feature of saving an article in Apple News to read at later time. it is like a bookmark feature just in a newspaper on an iOS device. You can browse and read all the saved pages or articles on any news at any later time with ease on Apple News.
For carrying out this purpose you do not need any other app or software developed by any other party. This is in fact very easy to save an article or a news on Apple News account.

How to save articles in Apple News to read later?

As it is stated above, you do not need any third party apps or software to bookmark any news article on Apple News. This feature in Apple News was introduced preinstalled by the developers. To do this you just need to follow the steps below and after finishing your article would be saved for later reading.

  • Open Apple News app on your iOS device
  • Now open a news article you want to bookmark or save for later reading
  • At the below of the screen, you can see three options i.e. Share, Favorite, and Save
  • Just tap on the Save button on the bottom right side of your screen, shaped as a bookmark

  • After tapping the Save button check that if it has turned blue, blue color specifies that it has been saved.

Once the article is saved you can view it later at any time of your choice. To find the articles you save you just need to follow the simple procedure described below.

  • Open the Apple News app on your device
  • Stay on homepage this time, and find the Save button at the bottom right corner of the screen
  • Now tap on that button and you will move further to another screen
  • From the two options of Saved and History, select Saved to view your saved articles from before.

That’s the simple procedure through which you can save and view all the Articles you wish to read at a later time. I hope this tutorial is of help to you and you may get the most out of the Apple News app.