Make Free International Call from Android Using Google Voice

I have recently discovered a trick that can be useful. I have used it to call some friends and family in US. What makes this possible is Google Voice. You can use this Google Voice trick with any android smartphone that has a good data connection speed. The process to setup Google voice is very easy and it works fine with your phone.

So why are you waiting? Save international calling charges and make international calls absolutely free.
When you want to call your relative who lives overseas and you don’t have sufficient balance in your mobile phone, what you will do? Well, I have an answer to this question and its simple – free VoIP calls through you Android mobile phone which can save a lot of money. But there are certain limitations to make those free calls. Through this article you will learn how to make international free calls.

The Google Voice service, a free application by Google for Android mobile phone allows calling on your 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi connection based local and overseas mobile and phones.

Let’s start now. What you have to do first is register with Google Voice to access it for free using your Google Account. If you don’t have such one, create it. In order to create your account at Google voice, you need to have one US based phone number, by which the website will verify your Google Voice account and once you are done with that, log-in into your account and click for Settings.

Google voice to call US canada for free

Once you are verified, log-in to the Google voice, go the Settings and navigate to the phone tab. You will need to setup your forward calls number and settings.
After the Google voice setup is done, you will need to setup your Android mobile. Use your Phone to straight head to Android Market and download and install the Groove VOIP application. It is a premium app that costs around $4.99 in normal session or $1.99 on Amazon AppStore during offer. If you have installed it at your Android, you will need to setup your Android phone to enable calling using Groove VOIP. After you sign in to Groove VoIP, you can enable calling using the 3G/4G data connection.
Grrove voip to make free calls using Google voice
In case, you choose not to enable calling on 3G/4G, you may use Groove IP over Wi-Fi which will need you to stay connected to a wi-fi hotspot to make calls. To call any Phone number,  you just need to dial number using Groove IP’s phone dialer and the call history will be available at Google Voice.
Make sure that you have a good data connection to make clear calls. You can make unlimited free calls to US and Canada. Also, you will be able to receive calls.