How to Fax Document from a Smartphone?

How to Fax Document from a Smartphone? – Fax is a method of sending attested documents to an institution, company, or individual. You may suggest me to attest the document, scan it, and send it as a digital copy through email to the organization.

But some of the organizations request you to produce fax and would not accept it through email. No worries you can fax a document from your smartphone itself. This would save your time and money from getting a document faxed from a store.

Interesting Fact: Ever wondered what the abbreviation of FAX would be? Fax is Facsimile which means to reproduce, to copy a book, map, and manuscript, etc. The fax was earlier sent through a telephonic method which would scan the document first and then was sent to the number to make a photocopy.

Now the smartphone can be used for multiple purposes apart from calling. There are 3rd party apps that would allow you to scan the document and fax it to the recipient through fax number. In this method, you can fax documents from any place as you just need to scan the document from the camera of your smartphone and send it to through the app with an internet connection. Else you must own a fax machine or fax the document from the nearest store.

Apps to Fax from a Smartphone

Check on Google Play Store for ‘FAX’ and you can find various apps namely

In the case of an iPhone, there are apps such as

These are many other free apps that allow you to scan a document and fax it while some apps which may charge after some limited number of free faxes. If you are using an app to send a fax, then follow the below steps to send it, the steps are the same for most of the apps.

  • Complete the documentation and attestation.
  • Scan the documents from your mobile camera.
  • Select the file on the app, enter the recipient details, and press send. In case you have to fax a document to multiple recipients then you can select it from the apps.

fax document from smartphoneIf you are about to fax highly credential information then we would recommend you use RingCentralFax which is partially owned by Cisco & AT&T. This is reliable and secured when compared to other mobile Fax apps. As the document is sent to the service provider before faxing it to the recipient, it is important to look for a trustworthy source to send the fax. While emails are encrypted, safe, and cannot be monitored by the browser app, search engine, or the ISP.

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How to fax over email?

If you have a Windows, Blackberry, or a different OS that does not allow to download Fax apps then no worries. You can always send the fax from your email but again through a 3rd party. Some of the service providers such as RingCentral, eFax, MyFax would allow you to sign up for their service and send the fax from your email.

There may be apps that provide fax service on Windows phone but before opting it re-confirm the source else use the email procedure to send the fax. In this, you would be faxing the document to the 3rd party which is further sent to the recipient by the service provider. You would be emailing the fax number with the service provider’s name.

For instance- If I need to fax a document to a recipient with fax: 900-505-3311 then I must mail to the service provider as [email protected] and the document would be faxed to the recipient.

As the fax is hardly used nowadays, using a smartphone to send the fax is a better option instead of investing in a fax machine or relying on a fax machine from the nearest store.

When compared to fax, email is more secure as it is encrypted with SSL. But if the fax is the only option even for extensive usage you can use a secured, reliable service provider that would charge you around $10-25 per month with unlimited fax. If you have a non-Android phone then you can use the mail service from service providers to fax documents.