How to Disable Smart Screen Filter in Windows 10/8/8.1

When it comes to personal computers, Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating systems among all the users. In June 2015 Microsoft launched the latest version of Windows which is known as Windows 10. It is the first of its kind and was distributed freely to all the previous users of Windows. This version of Windows is for every type of usage and for every type of person, whether for home use or for business use.

Microsoft is a big company and it has to stand up to its name. For this reason, Microsoft provides Window’s users with the security they all need. In Windows alongside Windows Defender, an antivirus for Windows, Microsoft has included many other security layers such as Firewall and Smart screen filter. Smart Screen Filter was first introduced by Microsoft when it first launched Internet Explorer 8 in Windows 8.

What is Smart Screen Filter?

Windows always try to provide its users with the best security that is what they did when they introduced Smart Screen Filter. It is one of the greatest security layer developed by Microsoft. The purpose of this security is that is scans all the files that are downloaded onto your computer through a web browser. If any of the files downloaded are suspicious Smart Screen Filter shows a security warning. Smart Screen Filter also features when any suspicious file is skipped out of the web browser built in security. It detects different kinds of threats hidden in a file such as malware or any other threat. The less the suspicious software on your computer the better the user experience.
Microsoft developed and introduced Smart Screen Filter in Windows 8 at first. This worked through the web browser. But then this software was made a standalone security shield in Windows 10. Because of this standalone feature of Smart Screen Filter, it now detects any threat from any file that you wish to download from an untrusted source. It not just detects the threat it also shows the user a warning.
The warning presented to the users shows the following text;
“Windows protected your PC.
Windows Smart Screen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk.”
Thus protecting your computer from any unwanted software and threats. But this security warning would not pop up if you are downloading any app from the Windows Store because all of the apps on the store are verified and scanned for malicious files. But Smart Screen will stop any software or to install on your computer if it comes from an unauthorized developer or an untrusted source.

What is the Problem?

This feature seems to be a very good addition to your windows, keeping you safe from threats. But it can create a problem sometimes when you try to install an app from trusted developers but Smart Screen Filter present you with the warning. This problem occurs very often on Windows 10. So if you face this problem every now and then and you wish to disable this amazing feature, which is not at all recommended, you can disable it by following the tutorial below. This tutorial works for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10.

How to Disable Smart Screen Filter in Windows 10/8/8.1

There 2 different methods to achieve what you wish to achieve. Both of these methods have the same results. So it is just to provide you with options and you can follow any method that is at your ease.

First Method:

This method will be performed by going through the control panel.

  • Go to the Start Menu and open Control Panel
  • Set the icons to Large Icons, making it easy to find the icon of Security and Maintenance.
  • Click and open on the icon of Security and Maintenance
  • Find the option named as Change Windows Smart Screen Settings on the left side pane
  • Click on the option, opening up a pop-up window.
  • There are three options on the screen, where top one is selected by default. You can either reduce the security or disable it for good.

  • Select the preferred option and hit the Ok button

This will reduce the security or will disable it and your work has been done.

Second method:

This method includes the use of Registry Editor. Using a Registry Editor is not very difficult, but with the right set of directions. It is recommended that you make a backup of your Registry files on your system and should also create a system Restore point before making any change to the Registry itself. To use this method to disable the Smart Screen Filter follow the steps below.

  • Press Win + R to open the Run program.
  • Type ‘regedit’ in the typing space and press enter or click on Ok.
  • This will open the Registry of your computer. Now click on the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE on the left pane.
  • Select the option Software from the drop down menu then select Microsoft
  • Further, select Windows and then Current Version and then Explorer
  • After opening all these options, you will have to find an option named as Smart Screen Enabled on the right side

  • Now you can disable it through the Registry by double clicking on the key. By default, it would be set to require admin permission.

After all of this procedure is carried out properly your Smart Screen Filter will be disabled instantly. This option does not provide you with the option to reduced security. It only allows to enable or disable the security.
We hope these methods help you to easily achieve what you want and you can use your Computer as you want.