Hide YouTube Comments on Mozilla Firefox Chrome

Videos have a significant role to play in this digital world. Though there are several websites which host videos, YouTube is the most popular due to its features and performance. You can hardly say that a person who knows about internet, does not know about this website.

YouTube allows anybody to comment on the videos so that you can easily judge the video by reading the comment without even watching it.

While many comments add value to the videos and inspire owner, some comments are really irritating as YouTube does not moderate the comments. So, if you want to get rid of such irritating YouTube comments, or, if you want to keep your kids away from such unlawful comments, you would like to hide YouTube comments.

At this time, YouTube does not provide any such facility so that you can hide or disable the comments. But, here, we try to serve the tricks to do things which are not possible in general. All you need to do is to install an extension for your browser and hide the YouTube comments from it. Both the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome supports an extension called as Hide Fedora which removes the comment section from YouTube pages. Today, we will show you how does the Hide Fedora work on these two browsers.

How Does Hide Fedora Works to Hide YouTube Comments?

Like some other extensions, Hide Fedora starts working once you install it. Once it is enabled in your browser, you can set some criteria like keywords, phrase etc. to hide comments from a YouTube video. It can even hide or replace the comments with a cat when they match with your criteria.

The most important features of this tool is that it can block the particular user who adds a notorious comment on a YouTube video so that next time you will not see those comments which are made by that user.
This tiny extension can also ban particular sentence or phrase for extended time according to your requirement. Usually, Hide Fedora starts scanning after installing on the browser and hides the comments according to your per-defined criteria or use a cat to replace comments.
We have already told that this add-on can ban the users who add useless comments and the blocked list is managed remotely; so, you do not have the control over it.

How To Use Hide Fedora?

Usually, Hide Fedora comes as an extension mode and it is compatible with Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. To download this tool for Firefox, you need to navigate through Tools -> Add-ons in your browser. You can find a search box there to search for any extension from the repository. Type “Hide Fedora” in the search box and hit Enter from your keyboard. Just wait a while to get the add-on installed.
In Chrome, go to Settings -> Extensions -> Get More Extensions and install it. Once installed, it will work automatically with the default settings. If you want to set your preference, then click on the “Options” which will route you to its interface.
Here you can find three options:–
1) Options
2) banned Profiles and
3) Banned Words.
You can either completely hide the comments or replace them with a cat with comment ‘Meow meow’. These options are available under Options tab.
Hide YouTube Comments or Replace YouTube Comments
You can select the “Fedora Removal Methods” from this section. If you block any user, that will be shown under the “Banned Profiles” tab.
Ban YouTube Comment
Under “Banned Words” tab, you can add words or phrases to hide YouTube comments which contain those.
Ban Words or Phrase in YouTube Comment


When you hide or remove any comment, there is no chance to see it again until you remove the banned words or profile. You can not see the original comment if you wish. The only way to do this is to remove the banned words and profiles from the Options.

You can also use this tool in a bit tricky way. If you want to search a particular comment from past, just temporarily ban some words which are not in your search criteria. This will fasten your search. We think, Hide Fedora is one of the best ways to control comments from the user’s point of view. Drop your valuable comments and share what do you think!

Download Hide Fedora from these links, for Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to hide YouTube Comments.