Food Safety Helpline Mobile App Provides FSSAI Regulation Updates

In a developing country like India, food is one of the most common basic necessities. Due to the significantly large population and lower literacy rates across the country, food safety is a prime concern. With so much of technological advancements in every sector, it is surprising to see not much of it being utilized for the food sector.

However, we now have a smartphone app for food safety called Food Safety Helpline that helps providing regular updates about the regulations of FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India). This food safety mobile app will especially reduce the headache of people working in the food business sector.
FoodSafetyHelpline Android App
In this article, we shall understand the features of Food Safety Helpline mobile app for Android devices as well as how it can help maintain the food safety standards across India.

What is Food Safety Helpline Mobile App all about?

Food industry is an ever-growing sector in India due to ever rising population. Realizing the need to communicate across the food business industry, Auriga Research team came up with a website named FoodSafetyHelpline. The objective of creating this online platform for food business community was ensuring everyone stays updated about the latest food safety rules & regulations, food contamination issues, food hygiene standards, food act, food license and trends in Indian food industry.
Food Safety Helpline Website
The same website team has now come up with the Food Safety Android app to ensure similar features are provided to all at their fingertips.

Food Safety Helpline Mobile App Features

FSSAI is a highly regarded authority in India for ensuring safety and hygiene of food products. Their regulations are like a strict mandate to be followed by everyone involved in the food business. The Android app for Food Safety Helpline provides instant updates about FSSAI regulations, procedures and policies. In simple words, the app helps everyone in food industry to be fully aware of the latest developments occurring in FSSAI policy guidelines.
FoodSafetyHelpline features
Using this app, one can stay informed about the various measures to be adopted for avoiding food contamination, tips to maintain food hygiene standards, importance of labeling food products, food license requirements, etc. The app achieves this objective through useful blog posts as well as webinars (videos).
Additionally, the food safety application also serves as a self-monitoring tool or self-inspection tool for keeping a vigilant eye on your food business. This tool can check if your food business meets all mandatory hygiene standards and safety requirements. It can check the validity of your food license and remind you about a pending renewal. In other words, this tool helps you perform a timely audit of your food business as per your convenience. You can make several in-app purchases ranging from Rs.50 to Rs.8000 for this Android app.

How to Perform Audit for Your Food Business?

For carrying out the audit, all you need to do is fill required details in the self-inspection form provided by the app. On the basis of your answers, the app can automatically generate a report. It even allows you to consult expert opinion through email or get assisted feedback from the Food Safety Helpline team itself.
FoodSafetyHelpline Self Inspecting Tool
Thus, you can identify gaps in your food business and get a total control over all food safety related matters. This app can be your professional food safety inspector who can be called up again and again to review your food business.
After having several Android apps for fun or easy multi-tasking, we finally have an app that was ‘need of the hour’ for our food industry. It is important to spread awareness about the usage of this app not only by the people working in food sector, but also by people who consume outside food. This will ensure everyone is updated about the acceptable food quality standards that one should look for. What do you think about this app? Please share your opinion below.