How To Fix Google Chrome Class Not Registered Error

Getting the error “Class not registered” when trying to open the Google Chrome browser in your computer? If ‘yes’, then you must read this article to fix the issue and re-enable the full functional Google Chrome in your PC.
You can get this type of issue if you recently experienced any malware or virus attack on your computer. Or, you cleaned your computer using some antivirus or anti-malware tool.

The malware or virus actually re-writes your computer’s registry file or modifies the DLL files. The antivirus tools try to restore those file after cleaning the harmful codes. If it can’t recover, it deletes damaged files permanently. Here we will discuss the issue and will give the complete solution to get back your Chrome browser with full functionality.

Fix Class Not Registered Issue For Google Chrome in Windows

As you don’t know the exact reason behind the issue, we will provide you a series of solutions so that, you can try one-after-one if one does not solve your problem (Solve this webpage has a redirect loop err_too_many_redirects). Here we’ll try to arrange the solution so that you can fix the issue in the first attempt. In case the trick does not work for you, moving to next procedure is what we suggest to do.

Clean up your Registry File by Deleting Some Registry keys

Deleting the registry key(s) did work for many at the very first attempt. If you don’t know how to delete registry keys, don’t worry, I will guide you through step-by-step instruction.
You can delete a registry key by two ways, from the command prompt or the registry editor itself. Let me go for the command prompt trick at first.
Step 1: Press Win key and type ‘cmd’ into the search box and hit Ctrl + Shift + Enter. Press the OK button in the User Control pop up box to provide the administrative privilege.
Step 2: After opening the command prompt, type or paste the following commands one-by-one and hit the Enter key to execute.

B) REG DELETE HKLMSoftwareClassesChrome
C) REG DELETE HKCUSoftwareClassesChrome
D) REG DELETE HKLMSoftwareClassesChromeHTMLopencommandDelegateExecute
E) REG DELETE HKCUSoftwareClassesChromeHTMLopencommandDelegateExecute

Delete-Registry-File-From-Command-Prompt-fix-class not registered
Step 3: That’s it. Restart the computer to take the changes in effect.
If you don’t want to consider the command prompt as the area of your comfort, you can go for the registry editor to delete the registry entries. Here is how to delete theme using the registry editor.
Step 1: Press Win key+ R and then type ‘regedit’ into the command field.
Step 2: Once you get into the registry editor, locate the following keys and delete all of them one-by-one.

 HKLMSoftwareClassesChrome (all of it)
 HKCUSoftwareClassesChrome (all of it)

Just make it sure that you deleted all of the above keys.
Step 3: You need to restart the computer to see effect of the changes.
You are done! Open the Chrome browser and look for whether the error is still there.

Launch Google Chrome Directly using a BAT File to Avoid the Class not Registered Error

If the above two solution did not work for you continue the following fix. What we want to do is creating a batch file to open the Google Chrome.
Step 1: Open any test editor, preferably Notepad.
Step 2: Write the following commands into the text file.
start /d "C:Program Files (x86)GoogleChromeApplication" chrome.exe
If you install Chrome in different location than the default one (C:), change the file path as your current one.
Step 3: Give the file with any name you want and save it. Now, double-click the file whenever you want to open Google Chrome instead of clicking the shortcut created at the time of installation.

Re-register All DLL Files

It is possible that the DLL file can also be a cause of the class not registered error of Google Chrome issue. Re-registering all the DLL files would eliminate the issue.
You can register the DLL files by using the following command in command prompt.
FOR /R C: %G IN (*.dll) DO “%systemroot%system32regsvr32.exe” /s “%G”
It is quite possible that you will get some run time error when registering the DLL files. Even, you computer can get too slow while the registration is on the process. Once you notice that all the DLL files are re-registered, restart the computer.

Final Words

We’ve given several solutions to fix Google Chrome Class Not Registered Error. Let us know which method worked for you. Did you know any other method?