How to Find My Contacts on Google Map [Android App]

How to Find My Contacts on Google Map [Android App] – Want to have a track of your Google Contacts based on their location? You get to know their home, workplaces saved by them on their Google Maps. Map My Contact is an open-source web app that allows you to track your Google contacts on a world map with their locations. It works on Google Script which can plot location depending on various addresses of your contacts.

The Map My Contact operates on a Google Script which can plot location depending on different addresses of your contacts. You can see all your Google Contacts located at a different location on the maps with the help of Map My Contact. With their location kept on you can determine whether they are traveling. It would be fun to see your Google Contacts located in various parts of the world.

How to Publish Google Map of my Google Contact?

Locating your Google Contacts on the map is effortless. Here’s the list of steps you’ll have to follow.

  • Save all your contacts to Google contacts (If you are not using it.)
  • Open the Maps Web App and Authorize the Script. from here.
  • It’ll also require Google Drive permissions.
  • Once it is authorized, your contact list will be processed and the time taken would depend on the size of your contact list.
  • After it has successfully fetched the details of your contact, you’ll be able to see a Google Map generated in an HTML page.

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After the app fetches the details and stores them on Google Drive, it would plot the locations of your contact on the Google World Map. It takes time depending on the amount of Google Contacts you have. The more Google Contacts you have, the longer it takes to fetch the data, store them on Drive, and plot on the map. Apart from the HTML file, it also creates a KML file in your Google Drive for every contact which can be opened directly from the Google Drive on Google Earth Map.

Find Contacts On Google Map

Is this Safe?

You might doubt whether the location of you and your contacts might be at risk. Do not worry, the data fetched by the app available only to you. It is published under the MIT license. You can check the privacy policy of the app, it is very transparent and has mentioned that your data will be uploaded elsewhere. You can use this app for fun to locate all your Google Contacts on a Google Map.

You can use this app even if you are not using Google Contacts as your primary contacts. You can use the export option to get the details and locate your contacts. For instance, if you have contact on Outlook or Yahoo you can export the contacts to a CSV file into Google Drive and then open the Map My Contact app to fetch the locations. The Map My Contact would take some time to fetch the address and plot them in latitude and longitude in a human-readable format on the map.

Check out the open-source app and locate your contacts today. You can cross-check the location with your friend too. It is a straightforward and safe application to see the location of your Google Contacts.