How to Enable New Logon Screen in Windows 10 Build 9926

Windows OS, which is having millions of users has now come in the market with it’s latest version Windows 10. Now, Windows is in the technical preview mode and has lots of new features. Cortana, 2-in-1 start menu, Xbox sync etc. are few of them. We have already covered a brilliant article about new features of Windows 10 release preview (Build 9926).

Though, in Windows 10, we have been introduced with some new features, yet, there are still a few features remain in the hidden condition and we can enable those by doing some brilliant tweaks. For example, you can Enable or disable Cortana any time.

Similarly, there is a hidden Windows logon screen for the Windows 10 build 9926 users which are completely new. In general, we get a logon screen similar to Windows 8.1 in Windows 10 release preview. Using a simple registry tweak, we can get a completely new logon screen.

When I have installed Windows 10 release preview to my PC, I have found the logon screen similar to the below screenshot.
New Windows 10 logon screen has come up with much modern UI and is completely new in style.  It has a switch user option on the same screen in case you have activated more than one user account in it. When you click on the switch user option, it shows you the complete list of user profiles on bottom left of the Windows logon pane.
Now, let’s see how to enable new updated Windows 10 logon screen with a simple registry tweak.

Enable Updated New Logon Screen for Windows 10

Before telling you the procedure, let me alert you that you would face some problems like malfunctioning of sign out option and switch user option. So be tricky enough and be sure at any situation you can revert the procedure. It is a best practice to create a Windows recovery image or make a system restore point manually, before going into the next step.
Open registry editor. You would be asked for administrative credentials at the time of opening Windows registry editor. It is the best practice to always open registry editor with admin privilege so that you can take full advantage of it and make changes wherever you would love to.
Next, go to the following registry key:
At the right pane you will find a Dword (32 bit) value i.e. ‘Threshold’.
Double-click on ‘Threshold’ and change it’s hexadecimal value from 0 to 1.
regitry tweak for new logon screen windows 10
Exit Windows Registry editor.
Now restart your PC and you will find a complete new logon screen (see the below picture).
modified windows logon screen
Note: This tweak affects the Ctrl + Alt + Delete option. So be careful enough before applying that change to your Windows 10 PC. Don’t forget to take backup of registry files before making any changes.
To get the old Windows logon screen back, just change the hexadecimal value of ‘Threshold’ from ‘1’ to ‘o’ and save it.
Final Words
Hopefully, Microsoft, in the final version of Windows 10, will give users direct option to opt for logon screen which they like. Thus, users will get a new visual taste and get a rid of the old Windows logon screen. Till then, use the above mentioned Windows 10 registry hack to reveal hidden Windows 10 logon screen.