How To Download Files Directly Into Your Dropbox

How To Download Files Directly Into Your Dropbox – If you work with multiple environments, you would feel the need of syncing your files across your devices. Be it the computers in your network or a device that you use when outside your home, you always want to get your important stuffs at your fingertip.

Dropbox is one of the leading services that was exactly designed for syncing files across computers or devices. Consider to read the working scenario of Dropbox:

Dropbox is actually a web space where you can upload your files chronologically in different folders. The desktop client mirrors the exact copy of your Dropbox account at your local computer and any changes in your local Dropbox file is synced with the cloud version of Dropbox.

Well, if you find any file at internet is important for you and want to keep that file in your Dropbox account, you would download the file first at your local computer then upload at your Dropbox account. But this technique comes into impractical manner when the file is too large and your internet connection is slow. Rather, it would be great if you could remove the middle man (your computer) and download the file from the web directly at your Dropbox account. Isn’t it?

How To Download Files Directly Into Your Dropbox

Consider the following situation:

1. You are out of your home and found some thing important for downloading when browsing from your mobile phone. Mobile phones are great for browsing but not for storing files from the web. If the file you want to download is too large, the mobile phone or such devices fail to meet your need. In this situation, a remote download at your Dropbox folder could be lifesaving.
2. You are using a public computer and you do not want to leave any clue of what you have downloaded. You could download files directly at your Dropbox as downloading files directly at your Dropbox does not leave any evidence at the local computer. The total process is completed between two servers.
3. You do not have enough time to wait for the complete download of a large file. Downloading the file at your computer and then uploading it at the Dropbox consumes pretty large amount of time. But downloading files directly at your Dropbox can save a huge amount of time. For instance, downloading a 50 MB file at your computer takes about 30 minutes and another 30 minutes will be taken to upload that file into your Dropbox. So it takes about an hour to keep a file into your Dropbox. But the direct download happens in a lightning fast way and a 50 MB download would take a few seconds.
URL Droplet is a web service that cut the middle man and downloads the file directly at your Dropbox. All you have to do is put the web URL of the file location at Droplet.
To get started with Droplet, visit the URL Droplet site and sign-in with your Dropbox account.

Once signed in, it will prompt for granting the access of your Dropbox account. Click Allow button to let this application to get access to your Dropbox account in purpose of saving the files from any web location into your Dropbox.

Once done, it will automatically offer the text box where you can paste the URL of the file and clicking the Save button will save the file at the Dropbox folder.

You can track all the downloads via Droplet at the bottom of the page.
Sidecloudload is another simple web app that does the same thing for you. Just visit the service page and sign-in with your Dropbox account credentials, grant the access permission and get ready to put any URL at the text field labelled as “Source URL” to save the file at your Dropbox. Just make sure that the URL you provided is publicly accessible.

Either of the above services save a lot of times and resources by downloading the files from a Web URL into your Dropbox. There is no need to download the file at your computer and copy it to a USB drive or upload at Dropbox. Simply grab any publicly accessible URL of the file and put it to the above services. The file will be downloaded immediately at the Dropbox web folder and all the connected computer will be synced with that file.