Disable Cortana Search Box Enable Hey Cortana Voice Command

Cortana, the most popular and one & only digital assistant of Windows Phone is now available on Windows 10 Build 9926. It seems Microsoft will keep this awesome feature in the final release too. The Cortana search is just awesome for anybody, who do not like to use the touchpad or external mouse to navigate to a place.

By making use of Cortana, you can simply give the command and it will do all the things as per your command. In simple words, it is just great because it solves a lot of problems by working offline as well as online. If you have used it on Windows 10, you know how useful it is.
However, if your PC’s or laptop’s screen is not so big to fit with Cortana search box that is comparatively large, you can simply hide it. On the other hand, if you do not want to use this search utility anymore and want to use traditional methods to navigate to somewhere or do anything, here is a method to hide the unnecessary Cortana search box from your taskbar.

How to Hide Cortana Search Box From Taskbar

This is however very easy. You won’t have to install any third party software to hide the Cortana search box from taskbar of Windows 10. Just right-click on empty place of your taskbar, go to “Search” option and select either “Disabled” or “Show search icon”. Each option does different things.
Disabled: It will totally hide the Cortana search box from your taskbar and you can find “Task View” button next to Windows Start Button.
Show search icon: If you select this option, you will get a small search button instead of large search box in the same place.
After selecting “Show search icon”, you will get the search button that looks something like this,
It works exactly same way what search box does.

How to Enable Hey Cortana Voice Command

If you selected “Disabled” in the above step, your search box and button is already hidden. Now, if you want to use Cortana, here is a small yet very useful trick that will let you to do so. You can enable “Hey Cortana” command and keep using the awesome search utility from Microsoft with the voice command.
The Hey Cortana command is disabled by default. You will have to enable it. After enabling this particular command, you can easily get rid of clicking even when your Cortana search box is visible.
To enable “Hey Cortana”, just open up the Cortana search pane, click the Menu button and go to Settings.
After that, scroll down and you can find “Let Cortana respond when you say Hey Cortana”. Just turn it on.
That’s all! Now, you can access Cortana by saying “Hey Cortana”.
Final Word
No matter what option is selected, but the Cortana search will not be deactivated. You can simply open and use it always. On the other hand, if you have enable “Hey Cortana” command, this will be better to select “Disabled” instead of “Show search icon”.