How to Create Custom Theme on Windows 10 The Easiest Way

Windows allows a lot of customization and personalized options especially in Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. You can change the theme on Windows 10.

How to Create Custom Theme on Windows 10

  • Press the ‘Win’ key and select the settings option or type ‘Settings’. Windows Setting to Create Custom Theme in Windows 10
  • Press enter and Settings option would open. From the settings menu select the ‘Personalization’ option.
  • You may notice a color variation in the image I have used here. Even you can do that in a couple of minutes.
  • Select the ‘Themes’ option from the personalization menu. Select the ‘Theme Settings’ from the themes window. Personalize Theme in Windows 10
  • From the next screen, you can select the Windows theme for your computer. There are default themes, installed themes and high contrast themes. Apart from that, you can click ‘Get more themes online’ for more.

How to Change the Theme Color

Change Theme Color in Windows 10 This is the accent color which would appear at various UI locations such as start menu icons, title bar, font color in settings etc.

  • Once you select the theme, now click on the ‘Color’ option on the same window. This would navigate you to the color settings window. You can select the icon colors, and the color you change would be displayed on the color text on the left menu as well as the button below.
  • ‘Automatic pick color’ would automatically choose a color which can be enabled by selecting the checkbox.
  • Select the ‘On/Off’ button to set the color for the elements on the start menu and taskbar, title bar and you can select ‘Dark’ for dark app mode.

How to Change the Desktop Background

Change Desktop Background Desktop background is the home screen of the computer. You can change it with your personal images, a slideshow of various images and even solid colors of your choice.

  • From the screen where you changed the color, select the ‘Background’ option on the left side.
  • If you want to personalize with an image then go to ‘Browse’ option and select the image from the file location.
  • The default set of images would be visible in the ‘Choose your picture’ option and the image can be ‘Previewed’ before saving.
  • In case you need to set a bunch of personal images then select the ‘Slideshow’ from the ‘Background’ drop down menu.
  • Slideshow images can be saved in a Folder and can be selected from the ‘Browse’ option.
  • The image can be shuffled with the ‘Shuffle’ button. ‘Allow slideshow on battery power’ is provided because slideshow consumes a considerable amount of battery. While solid color or a mono image consume lesser battery.
  • For a single color option select ‘Solid Color’ from the ‘Background’ option.
  • Select the color which you need from the ‘Background Color‘ panel. You can see the preview of the image.

‘Choose a Fit’ is an option to select the way an image should be displayed. Images with 16:9 ratio doesn’t need any fit options.

  1. “Fill” would resize the image to cover the full screen which may stretch the image in some cases.
  2. “Fit” would place the image directly on the screen covering the entire screen, best in the case of 16:9 aspect ratio.
  3. ” Stretch” would try to fill the screen however the image is, which may distort the image. “Tile” repeats the same image to cover the screen, which depends on the image size.
  4. “The center” places the image in the center without any resize or adjustments.
  5. “Span” would adjust the image similar to fill in the case of multiple monitors.

How to Change the Lock Screen Image and Options

Change Lock Screen Image in Windows 10 Select the ‘Lock Screen’ option from the personalization window.

  • You can select the personal images and slideshow from the “Background” drop down.
  • Select the folder in case of a slideshow.
  • Select the app detail for the lock screen. In the above image, I have selected the Calendar. Apart from that mail, alarm & clock can be select.
  • Add other apps to the quick status by clicking the ‘+’ button

When it comes to customization on windows especially in the user interface, there are a lot of options.

How to Save the Theme in Windows 10

There is no creation a theme, Once you select the theme or customize it you can save the changes. From the below location Settings > Personalization > Themes > Theme settings > Save Theme. Select the ‘Save option’ and enter a name for the theme. (Bonus Tip: How to Customize Gmail Themes With Your Own Images.)