CoolPad Dazen X7 Review and It’s all about Dazen X7

CoolPad, the Chinese device manufacturer stepped in India with it’s new devices; CoolPad Dazen 1 and CoolPad Dazen X7.

Today we will be doing a CoolPad Dazen X7 Review! And this is going to be a detailed one, so grab a cup of coffee before you start!

CoolPad Dazen X7 comes with specifications like 5.2 FHD display, an octa-core processor and various other things for a price of Rs. 17,999. But is it really worth that? Check that out in this review!



Display is the most crucial part of a smartphone, it is the thing which you look right in the morning till the end of your day! CoolPad Dazen X7 display is a 5.2 Inch Display which comes with full HD resolution. Moreover, the display is actually a Super AMOLED display and delivers some astonishing visuals. The display is not extended till the side bezels due to which there is a black border  surrounding the display which makes the device look a bit awkward when in use but after some time it is almost normal (That doesn’t means the border fades out).
The Full HD 5.2″ display gives a pixel density of 441 ppi and it is really sharp. The colors are almost perfect although they are little warm. The colors loose their quality when the display is viewed from extreme angles but still the device manages to give a decent output with the display. Outdoor capability of the display is almost great, with full brightness one can easily see the display even in harsh sunlight.
The display is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 but still is sensitive towards sharp things and manages to catch some scratches easily.

Design and Build

The design of this device is totally beautiful but has some disadvantages as well. The device comes with glass on the back and the front as well whereas the bezels of the device are made up of aluminum. The device comes with edged side-panels which makes the device look elegant but also at the same time it may be a little uncomfortable to hold.
Since the device comes with glass on the back, it makes it pretty reflective towards light and if you hold it in bright sunlight, you will definitely catch some attention. If you hold the device for long in your hands then you have a good amount of chances that it will slip through your hands, thanks to the glass back and the sweat on your hand.
The device holds the camera and the flash at the back in a protruded aluminum square due to which the camera rubs the surface on whatever it is put on, thus making it vulnerable to scratches.
You get 2 SIM-slots on the device and it is up to you how you want to use them. 1 of the SIM slot can be used just for using it as a SIM slot while the other one can also be used as a Micro SD card slot. The power button located on the right of the device gives tactile response although after some time it may become soft and may lose its tactile response.
You have the audio jack on the top of the device which is one of the best places to put it. You get the Micro-USB port on the bottom of the device in between the drilled-speakers. Yes, the speakers are on the bottom of the device and you may sometimes block the speakers while watching a movie or a video in landscape mode. The worst part about speakers is that they are not punched similarly on both the sides therefore making it look odd.


Camera is literally a third eye for all the smartphone users and CoolPad Dazen X7 Camera is a definitely better than almost all other cameras in the same price segment. The 13 MP shooter on the back takes some stunning images in outdoor light although when it comes to low light, the device struggles to capture the details. Even when the camera is used with flash in night, the device is not able to take images properly.
Another problem in low light shot is that the device changes the shutter speed to 1/10 which results in really shaky and blurry images even the ISO comes to 1600 and fills the image with a lot of noise.
You do get a manual mode in the camera which is actually named as PRO mode and allows you to change settings according to your needs, thus you can get better shots in night if you know how to tinker with the camera settings!
The front camera is an 8MP shooter and gives some great images. Both the cameras; the front and the back shoot good quality videos and the details are pretty good.

Hardware and Software

The device comes with Android 4.4.2, yeah, that’s a bummer. We are in the age of Marshmallow but these guys are still eating KitKat. The device comes with a custom UI named CoolUI which looks similar to MIUI. The icons are flat and colorful and definitely great to look at! You don’t get any app drawer by default but you can go to settings to enable it. The device even offers a multi-window feature which can be used to get a multi-window feature similar to the Samsung device. There are on-screen buttons which are hidden and the user needs to swipe up to pull them up.
The notification panel is little messed up, only major notifications like SMS, Missed calls come in the main notification areas whereas the other notifications, mostly the notifications generated by apps come in “Other Notifications” in notification panel which is little clumsy to operate.
Coolpad Dazen X7 comes with an octa-core processor clocked at 1.7GHz along with 2 gigs of RAM. The device performs really well in terms of normal usage. When heavily used, the device performs fairly good although it gets heated a lot at times, usually while playing heavy games.
The device scored around 46k in Antutu whereas in Quadrant test, the device scored 17,431. The device is able to play heavy games like Asphalt 8, Modern Combat series easily but games like GTA San Andreas had some difficulty to play.
You get 16 gigs of internal storage which can be expanded up to 32 gigs with the help of a Micro SD card. Still if you think you want more space then you can also use USB OTG.
The battery gives you 8 hours of video playback and runs almost whole day when normally used on 4G/3G network.
CoolPad Dazen X7 is really a good device in terms of display, performance and looks but is slightly overpriced. With competitors like One Plus One, Xiaomi Mi4 and Moto X, it is definitely going to face some tough competition! If you are the one of those people who prefer looks and are not much into intensive smartphone use then this device may satisfy your needs.
What do you think about this device? Do let us know in the comment section below!