Best Facebook Messenger Bots To Make Life Easier

Best Facebook Messenger Bots To Make Life Easier – Facebook is one of the widely used social media platforms. Facebook chat was earlier used to have personal and group conversations that were similar to Whatsapp. Later Facebook made a standalone app called Facebook Messenger instead of Facebook chat.

Messenger is currently used by over a billion people in 2017. Previously Facebook introduced ‘Messenger bots’ to help brands and individuals create services that could help the people.

Brands could make bots that could increase their sales, while some can make a bot to increase traffic on their websites. Messenger bots are just like the other chatbots available online, but with Messenger bots, the page owner has complete control over the bot.

Facebook Messenger Bot works with artificial intelligence and helps you be updated with various information automatically. You can ask questions, facts, and much more. Once you open a chatbot it would start working automatically on the way it is being programmed. You can get details and information regarding various fields such as the latest news, tech, sports, culture, and much more on the Facebook Messenger itself. As you reply it check the keyword and answers depending on them.

Facebook Messenger Bots

With these tools, you would be updated with the latest information and news across the world. You don’t need to go through Facebook feed always you can check out these messenger bots. If you set alerts then it would notify you whenever there are some updates or news.

How to use Facebook Messenger Bots?

You need to have a Facebook Messenger app on your mobile phone in order to use the messenger bots. If you are using Facebook from your laptop/PC then you need to open or click on the Messages on Facebook’s title bar next to Friend Request and select ‘See all in Messenger‘.

  • Go to the search tab on the messenger and check out for any messenger bot such as Fynd.
  • Click on Fynd and a chatbox would appear.
  • Select ‘Get Started‘ now you can see Fynd interacting with you.

This is an intelligent fashion transaction bot, where you can name the attire and you can find results related to it. The Artificial Intelligence would search the keyword and would display you the results related to it. The AI is very well developed which could give emoji outputs in case the search result fails and appropriate result if the result is found.

The AI would ask you to select the options and give more results. For instance, there is View Product, Show Similar, and similar options on Fynd.

Here are some more Messenger Bots

The Wall Street Journal

This is a messenger bot where you can enable alerts to get the latest news and alerts. You can get the news of various events happening across the world. It covers news from various fields such as technology, sports, and politics, etc.


theScore is a sports chatbot that would enlist the teams just by getting your country and location. You can look for NBA, NHL, NFL, football, hockey, and cricket, etc. With this chatbot, you get to know the scores from the match happening across the world.


This is an e-commerce chatbot which you can use to order flowers in a much simpler when compared to their website. The combination of digital technology and physical logistics helps in better sales.


This is a fashion related site that has a chatbot to assist you regarding a series of fashion and attires. You just need to choose the option and the chatbot would be providing the results on the basis of it. This also has visual graphics to look into the designs, colors, looks of the dresses.


This is a very helpful chatbot that would connect you to the doctors to clear all your doubts cleared. You can get a consultation from the network of 100,000 doctors in over 141 specialties. This AI bot is available 24/7 and can provide appropriate answers to your queries.


This is similar to The Wall Street Journal where you can get the news and latest updates across the world. There are various categories from which you can pick, to get news related to it.


This is an ideal app for people who travel a lot. You may leave for hiking and come across dark clouds and a monsoon day. Instead, you can try Poncho which tells you the weather report for a particular area from the city name or Zipcode to get even more precisely.

MemeGenerator Bot

Memes are the best way to kill time if you got some free time. There are a lot of websites and Facebook pages to look for memes. But MemeGenerator Bot would look for an appropriate meme on the keyword you type. It would ask you to enter the top and bottom text of the meme.

Check out some more Messenger bots: Hello Jarvis, Assist, Uber, KLM Airlines, Zork, and much more.

Messenger Bots are fun and interactive with visual graphics. You can use them all day to gain information, score updates of a match, look for a dress, and much more.