Best Alternatives to Google Talk for Windows

If you had been a regular Google Talk user, you may now face various problems since Google shut this down on February 23, 2015. You need to download a substitute to Google Talk for Windows to keep using it and connect with friends.
Google Talk for Windows has completed a successful journey over past couple of years. Therefore, today I am going to mention some best alternatives to Google talk for Windows so that you can keep using similar service for a long time.

Best Alternatives to Google Talk for Windows

Although, there are several substitutes to Google Talk standalone application for Windows, yet, the following list contains only best of them.

Google Hangouts Extension

If you are a Google Chrome user, there should not be any problem even after the death of Google Talk. You can easily download Google Hangouts browser extension, which is obtainable for Google Chrome, as of now. You can also get it on Chrome OS. In simple line, if you have Google Chrome on your PC, you can start using this extension right away. The Google Hangouts extensions runs in the background of Chrome and lets you chat with friends from desktop. This is probably the best solution out there.


Pidgin google talk replacement
Pidgin is a cross platform application, which is available for Windows, Mac as well as Linux. This free application will help you to use it as a Google Talk replacement. Not only Google Talk, but also it does support other chatting services including AIM, MSN, Yahoo and more other. Although, this is the most compatible with Windows 7, yet, you can use it on Windows 8 as well as any later version without any problem.
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Alike Pidgin, Trillian also helps users to use various instant messaging services such as Google Talk, AIM, XMPP, Yahoo as well as Twitter. Although, the free edition is quite good for personal use but for business purpose, you may have to opt for premium account. The business version of Trillian offers more flexibilities and features. The free version of Trillian is available with hundreds of features, mobile, tablet and desktop support. On the other hand, the premium version, which costs around $20 per year, comes with cloud backup along with all those features, what are available in free version.


Psi - Google talk alternative for Windows
Psi is available for Windows and Mac at no cost. You can use different chatting services like Google Talk, XMPP etc. You will get all the features of any regular instant messaging app in Psi. At the same time, you will get end-to-end encryption, which will provide better security and you can feel safe while using Psi. If you have Windows, make sure that it is running at least Windows XP. On the other hand, if you are using Mac, make sure that you have OS X 10.5 or later version. The encryption feature makes Psi better than other similar apps. - best alternative to Google talk for Windows
Alike Trillian, is also a cross-platform instant messaging app, which is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac and Google Chrome. This is where it excels. Apart from using Google Talk, you can get this application at anywhere including web browser. That means, no matter whether you are on mobile or are using PC, you can connect with friends, relative or with anybody using
Final Word
You can certainly get more other alternatives to Google Talk for Windows. But, if you check them minutely, you won’t get a good user experience with them. Whereas, at the same time, if you try any of the above-mentioned replacements of Google Talk for Windows, you will get the difference.