Automatically Set New Image From 500px as Wallpaper on Android

If you want to set new 500px image as your wallpaper on Android mobile or tablet, here is a quick solution. There is no need to save the image and then set it as your mobile wallpaper manually. Instead of that, you can simply use this trick to set new image from 500px as wallpaper on Android automatically.

500px is one of the best stock image sources out there, which is for buyers as well as regular fancy image explorers. You can create a free 500px account and start browsing thousands of images right away. No setup is required for getting started.

How to Set New Image From 500px as wallpaper on Android Automatically

Setting an image from 500px as wallpaper automatically is however very easy if you can utilize IFTTT. IFTTT refers to IF THIS THEN THAT. This web service lets you control all the things in automation. You just need to create corresponding recipe and sit back to relax and check the workflow of your recipe.
With the help of IFTTT, you can automate almost all the things on the web. However, today I am going to show you this 500px image trick by using IFTTT. Should you remember that although IFTTT app is available for iOS as well as Android, this is yet possible to execute this trick on Android only, since IFTTT has not have so good integration into iOS.
Anyway, at first download the official IFTTT application to your Android mobile running Android 4.0 or later version. Now, you have two choices. Firstly, you can search for ready-made recipe to get things done. Secondly, you can create your own recipe to do the same. I would prefer you to create your own IFTTT recipe. It provides better controls.
Open the IFTTT application on your Android smartphone.
After that, click the “Recipe” button and “Create new recipe” button respectively.
Now, tap on “THIS” link and select 500px. If you are getting problems to find 500px, you can use the search box. After selecting 500px, it should be looking like this,
Then, tap on red colored plus button and select Android mobile. That means, now you are creating the Trigger. You have couple of options to choose. However, you can select anyone among following options,

  1. Any new public photo by you.
  2. New public photo tagger by you.
  3. New popular photo.
  4. New Editor’s Choice photo (Most recommended).
  5. New Photo from anyone tagged.

If you really wish to set the most beautiful wallpaper, do select “New Editor’s choice photo”. Then, you will have to select THAT link and select Android mobile and “Update Device Wallpaper”.
After that, just enter a name to finish creating.
Automatically Set New Image From 500px as Wallpaper on Android
Now, your recipe is prepared perfectly. If you have chosen the aforementioned options, your wallpaper will be changed automatically whenever 500px’s Editor’s Choice page gets an update. On the other hand, you will be notified whenever it gets triggered.
This is as simple as said, isn’t it?
Did you configure your Android smartphone to automatically set new image from 500px as wallpaper? If not, do it and make your Android more elegant.
Important Note: I have been using 500px app on my mobile even before using this recipe. Therefore, there is a confusion whether it will be working without 500px app or not.