7 Best Free Video Trimmer Tools in 2021

7 Best Free Video Trimmer Tools in 2021 – Nowadays shooting a video is more fun than clicking a shot. We all carry a Smartphone with us all the while, so capturing video is accessible as well as entertaining. But all videos are not perfect. Will you only be happy to shoot anything and then keep it just to fill the storage of your device?


Why not trim it in an appropriate way and make proper use of it? In addition, you can shrink a larger file and edit the blank unnecessary part of the video. Also, there can be times when you can merge a few short files to convert it into a larger movie. However, the thing, or program, you need for this is a free video cutter, which has many other names like a trimmer, editor, splitter, and Clipper and so on.

So many options are available there online, with different features and of course, different formats.

Well, if you have somewhat experienced video trimming, then you must be aware of the various tools that come free and the ones that are paid. Not necessarily, the paid ones should have better features.

So have you been using paid video trimmers all the while, but finding it hard to fit the budget? You love to edit videos, but due to these great paid trimmers, you may not do the necessary editing. Well, do not worry now you can modify videos as much as you want with the variable range of free video trimmers.

There are plenty of video cutters available, but many people are not aware of them. If these free trimmers are also unknown to you, then read on to know about the top 7 trimmers of 2021.

7 Best Video Trimmers in 2021

Here is the list of 7 best video trimmers which bring a new face of video trimming

Windows Movie Maker

Movie Maker is a personal video trimmer that is available free. It is not supported officially in Windows 10, but one can still download and use it same to develop videos. It is easy to use with numerous options that are easy to understand and navigate. Using this software, you can make images, video, and audio.

It comes with drag-and-drop option and consists of almost all the essential editing tools that you can get with a paid video editor. The possibility of adding effects and themes serve as the icing on the cake. Users can upload videos on Facebook and YouTube directly from here.

Image Credit: softonic.com

Image Credit: softonic.com


Avidemux is a name you cannot forget when it comes to free video editing software. This one is highly impressive and consists of easy to use features. It is designed for quick filtering, trimming, and encoding.

Compared to other programs it may take a little bit more space, but it allows users to save their work in various extensions. Make sure that you keep your work at each step so that you do not lose your file if it crashes.

Image Credit: flickr.com

Image Credit: flickr.com

VSDC Free Video Editor

This free editing software is not widely known in the market, but it can provide you with the perfect editing process you may want. It comes with a bundle of effects and features that are required by a pro editor to give a perfect touch to a video. This one takes longer to get used to with the clunky interface. But once you are habituated, you would easily be able to alter the lighting, apply the variable range of filter options as well as the transitions of post production. It is easily navigable, and ably supports some file formats like MP4, AVI, etc.

Image Credit: wikimedia.org

Image Credit: wikimedia.org

Apple’s iMovie

This one is a free video editor, but it’s better than many of the paid ones. This stands apart in the crowd of free software list owing to loads of features it has to offer the users.

This is a simple suite packaged with all the possible editing tools that an editor may think of. The software has the latest version, which enables users to edit and import video clips from external devices like cameras, Smartphones, etc. It’s easy to use interface and navigation option attracts users a lot. Apart from just videos, audios and images can be easily be incorporated into the project by dragging multimedia into the projecting area, properly arranging them sequence wise or in chronological order.

Image Credit: apple.com

Image Credit: apple.com


Kdenlive, known as KDE Non-Linear Video Editor is a popular source video editing software. Based on MLT Framework, this one is focused on flexibility and easy to use features.

As compared to other video editing applications, this supports some file formats, which is otherwise impossible to get in rest free versions. It includes AVI, FlashVideo, QuickTime, WMV, and MPEG. NTSC in 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios is also supported along with PAL, HDV, and AVCHD.

Users can quickly write the created video on a DVD. KDE is quite compatible with the Linux-based operating system. Although this video trimming application is easy to learn and use, some users still have faced difficulties at the initial stage. Nevertheless, the self-help manual is there, which will guide you to use the software properly.

image Credit: kdenlive.org

image Credit: kdenlive.org

Filmora Video Editor

When you have everything that you want in a free video editor, then why to go for those highly expensive paid versions? The Filmora Video Editor provides you with all the tools for a great video. It also serves the purpose of a video converter. You can convert and edit video anytime clicking your fingers. All formats are available in this editor.

This application works with Windows and MAC. The 300+ eye-catching effects give you a chance to choose results as per your will. You can also add music to your video file or trim, crop and merge with other videos. It is highly compatible with Windows Vista, 8/XP/7 and with OS X 10.6, which includes 10.10 Yosemite.

Image Credit: filehippo.com

Image Credit: filehippo.com


JahShaka is a video editing application that has not yet got popularity in the market. It aims at becoming a cross-platform, open source editing tool.

This free editor is recently in the alpha stage and consequently supports rendering of real-time effects. If you are not expert in video editing, then this one will prove to be useful. Unlike others, it is not at all complicated to understand, and you can easily learn the options.

In fact, the best part is that professionals can also use this tool owing to the tremendously helpful features. JahShaka works with both Windows and Linux.

Image Credit: flickr.com

Image Credit: flickr.com


Hopefully, these free applications will help you in getting your desired editing version of videos. Apart from the list that is given above there are many other free video-editing software coming up nowadays. To know about them in details and get a glance of the upcoming blogs, follow us!

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