Create Wireless Ad Hoc Network in Windows 7 to Share Internet

Now a days in this growing world of technology, the internet has slowly but surely become a basic necessity in our day to day life. At present we need the internet not only in our computers but also in the cell phones and other various wireless devices which may not always have a Wi-Fi connection available. Henceforth, we try to solve the difficulty by creating a wireless Ad Hoc network in Windows 7. The Ad Hoc network allows to share internet connection between computers via the Wireless Lan port of the computer. If you are a Windows XP user, you can then learn how to share internet connection in Windows XP via wireless Lan.

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What is an Ad Hoc Network ?

An Ad Hoc network is essentially a local area network that can be set up very easily and spontaneously in no time whatsoever which makes it possible for computers and devices to communicate directly with each other within a limited range. Microsoft Windows XP laid the way of creating this Ad Hoc network and since then it has become possible to share data and internet connection between other wireless devices. To be successful in this operation of ours we need the host computer to be hardwired and have wireless capabilities.

How to Create Wireless Ad Hoc Network in Windows 7:

The first and foremost step in this regard is to go to the search box of the start menu and type “wireless”. Once you have done that you should see a list above and from that select “Manage Wireless Networks”.

A new window opens up. In this window navigate to the “Add” button and click on it.

After that click on the option called “Create an ad hoc network”.

Once finished you should see a window appearing where you will find a message telling you about Ad Hoc network. In this window click on “Next”.

The window that appears next requires you to give a network name, security type and the security key. If you wish to use this Ad Hoc network over and over again then check the “Save Network” option. The security type will depend on what the wireless adapter is capable of. In general cases it is found that if you’re only using it quickly with different types of devices it’s easier to have no security. On the other hand if you are keeping it on for full-time use, you’ll definitely want to use security.

After completing with the above just wait a while for the network to be created.

You should receive a message that the network has been created successfully and is ready to use.

Your next job is to verify the Ad Hoc network by clicking on the wireless icon on the task bar. You should see the name of the network and alongside it a message “Waiting for users”.

Now on the client computer when you click on the wireless connection icon you can see the name of the network and also an option “connect”. Click on the option and connect to the network.

Then on the Host machine you will see that the other computer is connected to your Ad Hoc network.

Your Ad Hoc network has been established and you are capable of transferring and sharing files. But if you want to share your internet connection with other wireless devices then go to the host’s wireless adapter icon and right click on it. Then go to “properties” and subsequently to the  “Sharing” tab and select “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection“.

Clicking the “Settings” option you can select the network services the Client machine can access.

You’re done. Now you can share documents and the Internet connection between machines and devices.

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  7. sameep :

    hello… i cannot setup adhoc connection while my laptop is connected to lan… can anyone help me solve this problem

  8. hewassad :

    Hi, how do I troubleshoot when it says Signal Strength: No signal ??

    followed your instructions (which by the way is very helpful) but can’t get through because of the no signal issue. help anyone???

  9. zubair :

    sir kindly tell how will u transmit signals from ur computer using ur wifi r need any other device

  10. elphi :

    hey,Hewassad go to control panel,click network and internet–>click network and sharing center–>click change adapter settings–>enable the wireless connection icon

  11. Alwyn :

    “Windows could not setup logic network”
    wen i put n/w name : logic network, sec. type : WPA2-Personnel
    sec key : asdf12345, save dis n/w then click Next, But “Windows could not setup logic network” will appear, what’s the problem?

  12. sepehr :

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    my problem is the connection between windows 7 and android system.
    can anybody help me?

  13. Sanjay Rai :

    Can any one help me out as I am able to create ad hoc wifi and its in waiting for users.
    Now when I try to connect from my windows phone 7.5 i could find this wifi but when I supply the password it says “INCORRECT PASSWORD” and this happens repeatedly even though I am entering the correct password.

    Please help

  14. rahma :

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  17. vikas jangra :

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    help please if you have a solution than please send me to my email

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    i have completed all the steps successfully , still i am not able to find my laptop wifi on my HTC Mobile. Please help

  19. vikas jangra :


    i think Wifi ad hoc network works only for PC to PC not for PC to mobile.I have tried lots of solutions blaaah blaahh blaaah to make this thing successful but i can’t :(
    i think you can use WiFi direct that can workss.

  20. Tanmay :

    @Honey, @Vikas: It works for both Laptop and Mobile. But if you are saying about Android, It’s Android fault. The android can’t recognize the Ad-hoc wifi network, though the latest version of Android OS does work with this.

  21. vikas :

    @Tanmay I have ICS in my cell though i am not able to connect. Please share steps how can i connect my android cell to my pc wifi card ad hoc network.
    I have created network successfully but this show me NO SIGNAL in my available Network Connections.

  22. vikas :

    Hey Guys one solution for connect your android mobile to pc via wirelessly to share data no need to make a ad hoc network just install AIRDROID application in your mobile and enjoy data sharing via WiFi with a high speed of 2.2 to 2.4 MBPS. Airdroid a free app and allow data sharing via WiFi and cable using WiFi and USB Tethering. Must use this and enjoy. Solution of all problems related mobile to PC data sharing. Thankssss

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    use this simple tool to create wifi adhoc networks in windows 8……

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    hi thanks for ur information but when i click create a ad hoc network it shows unexpected error i cant even find by diagonising it,,,, help….

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    I am unable to create ad hoc network. I have followed the same guideline given by you. I tried creating ad hoc network with the following details:
    1) Network name as FIROZ
    2) Security I have set to no Authentication.
    But its showing me “Windows could not set up FIROZ”. Here I stopped and don’t know how to proceed further. Please help me out.

  28. Tanmay Ahmed :

    Seems that there are some problem with your OS. Make sure that it has the wireless driver installed. If you are sure that the WLAN driver is installed then try to reinstall the drive.

    The last option is to install a fresh OS and try this tutorial again.

  29. pebya :

    Can anyone tell me why ‘no signal’ appears along signal strength in my PC?

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    I need to exchange Tp-Link Access Point(M: TL-WDR4300) with built- in Laptop Wireless Adaptor or an external USB wireless adapter.Its for transferring data to wireless Panel
    anyone can help ?

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    yes thats was the old idea to add hoc network for this type of mistakes fake
    idea its … doesnt work perfectely…………

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