Windows XP Crashes With Blue Screen And Restarts Automatically.

Microsoft Windows XP users may sometimes face a challenging problem with their operating system. All of a sudden, when everything is running smoothly on the system, the user experiences an automatic system restart preceded by a blue screen that flashes on the display for mere seconds, so that it’s almost impossible to record what’s happening or what the error is.

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This problem may occur due to a number of reasons like “Automatic Restart”, or due to cache and other Windows file that may incur a serious error. We, in this article provide solutions for these different causes such that it’s not required to always format your operating system and reinstall it again.

Cause 1 and its solution :

Your system may have the “Auto Reboot” feature enabled due to which the system restarts automatically without any notice. To disable this feature, first click on “Start” and then on “Run”.

Type “regedit” in the box and press ENTER.

The Registry Editor opens. Navigate to


On the right hand part of the Registry Editor box, right click on “AutoReboot” and select “Modify”.

Change the value to “1”. Click OK and exit from the Registry Editor.

Restart your computer. The Automatic restart feature is now disabled and your system should not undergo any problem henceforth.

Cause 2 and its solution :

The next reason this problem occurs may be due to critical errors that are incurred by the cache files or other windows files on your system. Now, this can be rectified in two different ways :

#1. Restoring files and settings that helped Windows to run smoothly.

Every time your Windows XP shut downs properly, it saves your settings and thus records or creates a backup of the files and settings at that time. You can fix your system by restoring these settings such that the os runs without any errors. Following the steps below, you can always restore the system with the settings that worked properly.

1. Restart your system.

2. As the system reboots, press F8 quickly before the Windows Start up starts.

3. This opens the Windows Advanced Options Menu. Select the option “Last Known Good Configuration (your most recent settings that worked)” and then press ENTER.

This restores your system with the most recent settings and files that worked and helped Windows XP to run smoothly. Thus, from now on your system should work properly.

#2. Fixing the problem by running Windows in Safe Mode.

Follow the steps below to rectify your problem :

1. Restart your system.

2. As in the previous fix, press F8 quickly to open the Windows Advanced Options Menu.

3. Select the option “Safe Mode” and press ENTER.

Windows XP starts in Safe Mode with all of its start-up programs disabled and some of its programs not working. Now, click on “Start >Run”. In the box, type “msconfig” .

The System Configuration Utility wizard starts. Click on “Launch System Restore”.

Then click on “Restore my system to an earlier time”.

Choose a restore point at a time when everything on the system was running smoothly. Then click “Next”. The system restarts and it is displayed that the system is being restored. Once the restart is complete, your system is fully restored to the chosen settings and Windows will run without any problem.

Cause 3 and its solution :

Sometimes your system can be affected in such a way, that when you start your computer, as soon as the Windows Start up screen appears, the computer restarts. This process continues in a loop resulting in continuous multiple reboots, none being completed properly. This problem occurs if the “Kernel32.dll” file goes missing or damaged. To solve this problem, we recover the missing file from the Windows Recovery Console or the Windows XP installation CD.

Follow the steps below to repair your system :

  • Open the Recovery Console wizard if you have it installed. If not, then insert the Windows XP installation CD and restart the computer.
  • Boot from the CD and follow the instructions in the setup till you are given an option to repair your system or to install a fresh copy of Windows.
  • Select to repair by pressing R.
  • For a dual-boot or multiple-boot system, select the option (Operating System) you need to repair.
  • Give the Administrator password (if any) when you are asked for it.
  • A command prompt appears. Type “cd system32″ and press ENTER.
  • Then type “ren kernel32.dll kernel32.old” and press ENTER.
  • Now, type “map” and press ENTER.
  • Notice the letter indicating the CD-ROM drive containing the Windows XP CD. This is displayed similar to the format : G:DeviceCdRom0
  • Now, type expand<drive name>i386kernel32.dl_ [Replace “<drive name>” by the letter indicating the CD-ROM drive].
  • Press ENTER.

[Note : Be sure to notice the ‘underscore’ character after ‘l’ in the word “kernel32.dl_”]

A message “Kernel32.dll, 1 file(s) expanded” appears indicating that the file “Kernel32.dll” has been recovered.

  • Type exit . This restarts the computer.
  • Now, take out the Windows XP CD from the CD-ROM drive.

Windows XP starts normally and runs smoothly without any problems.

These solutions are a lot easier and less time consuming than formatting and reinstalling Windows. Hope this would help you to know Windows better.

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  1. Avinaash :


    I am using Windows XP and it was working fine since long. But all of a sudden it started giving me blue screen error. I thought this could be an issue with OS, I formatted my C drive twice, but still the same issue. The system will work fine for some time but again gives a blue screen error and reboots automatically.

    I have written the whole thing on, its like below –

    A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.

    Run a system diagnostic utility supplied by your hardware manufacturer.
    Run a memory check and check for a mismatched memory.
    Disable Bios memory option such as caching or shadowing.

    *** STOP : 0X0000007f (0X0000000A, 0X00000000, 0X00000000, 0X00000000)

    I was getting this error before formatting, so i formatted and even after that, it is giving me the same error. My system works fine in safe mode but the issues is in normal mode. I am not able to resolve this problem and really pissed off.

    How to disable Bios memory option such as caching or shadowing ? I tried going to those options but i couldn’t seem to be successful. I am having ASUS M2N-MX Mother board and AMD Athlon Processor 64×2 Dual Core processor 3800+. I have Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 with 2GB RAM. I have tried couple of steps which i found on different forums, but could not fix the issue.

    Please help me out in fixing this one. Please email me the answers at my id – and Please help me out guys…..

    Many Many thanks in advance to all for going through my issue..

    Awaiting a response…!!!

    Thanks and Regards,

    Avinaash Kasat.

    • Kiriakos :

      It’s RAM memory problem. The “STOP : 0X0000007f (0X0000000A, 0X00000000, 0X00000000, 0X00000000)” message refers to the hexadecimal address that occurred the fault. You have to replace your RAM. That’s all.

  2. Tanmay :

    After reading your problem it seems that you have the same problem that we wrote about in this article. So at first try all the steps described in there. If still the problem is not solved

    1. Reset your bios settings to default. Before that keep a full map of the current settings in your mind.
    2. Perform HDD memory test from the BIOS. It will take time to complete.
    3. Try to update your bios. Keep backup of your bios before updating.

    The options are given above are related with your Mother board BIOS. Which some time vary for one to another. So open your BIOS and give deep concentration on it. You will find some options to perform the above mentioned tasks. If still you are facing any problem then let me know.
    Thank you for sharing your problem with us. We shall make some investigation with your problem and update the post with the actual solutions. Stay tuned.

  3. devdin2 :


    I have got old model of laptop of dell which model number pp01L.
    Its XP has crashed and the CD drive also doesn’t work.In this case how can i install XP through USB. What are the configuration setting that should be changed so that the installation process starts from the USB?

    I look forward for the positive response and hope to get my laptop working in my hand soon!

  4. Tanmay :

    devdin2: Your bios must support removable disk booting. I don’t know if your laptop supports or not. If supports, then enable that from the boot option menu in your bios and follow the instruction from this link:

  5. Praveen :

    I have a sony vaio fs920 model. I recently replaced my hard drive and tried to install xp on it since this model only accepts xp. I ran the setup using a bootable cd and it copied xp files onto the drive normally. But after copying its asking me to insert cd that contains service pack 1 which i dont have. If i say cancel, the computer restarts and leaves me at the same screen (sp 1). How do i finish installing xp on my computer? Sp 1 is not available these days. Plz lemme knw any suggestions. Thanks.

  6. Tanmay :

    Yes, this happens for the new generation architecture. You can install Windows XP service pack 2. It should be installed in your computer. If you do not have the XP service pack 2 cd, you can make your Windows XP (without any service pack) integrated with service pack 2 or 3. Follow the link below:

  7. Kanak kundan :

    i have Intel dual core processor, asus motherboard g41 , 1gb memory & 500gb hard disk, it is 3 months old . it get bule screen automatically and massage shows physical memory dump. i am new to computer please show me easiest way to heal the problem.

  8. Anand :

    i have windows xp sp2 and amd athlon 64 processor. When i open up my pc it shows me floppy disk fail(40) and press F1 to continue. When i press F1 it shows me windows logo screen with starting windows message but after sometime it goes to the motherboard screen and again go to the same error page of floppy disk fail.
    My combo drive is also unable to read bootable cd of window xp sp2. What can i do… I am really pissed of .

  9. tapan :

    i have lost my administrator password.. the person who setup my pc also created some admin password.. now i have no idea about it..
    and i want to repair my window xp, which results in a circular loop(problem of kernal32.dll or cause 3),,

    what do i do?” please help..

  10. Dhiraj :

    i have intel dual core lenovo g430 laptop (recently motherboard is changed due to some hardware problem),the problem is my laptop doesn’t start & restart automatically,when i installing new bootable xp disk it fails to format & and restart with blue screen,sir i am confused what i do,please help me with proper solution,sorry for bad English.i am waiting our response.please please help…

  11. Mark :

    Hi, I was just wondering if the fix mentioned on this article would help my problem regarding my laptop running on Xp sp3? There are quite a few times when I’m using Chrome that it would suddenly say “shockwave flash failed” and the entire programs not related to the browser would crash or say “error please insert installer disc”, sometimes even my Norton antivirus would just pop up and say “antivirus has been turned off” but after a system restart everything seems to go back to normal, not until it suddenly acts up like all the programs just failed. I always update my virus definitions and scan my laptop but it’s clean. I was wondering what’s wrong and how to fix this. Thanks

  12. Awanish :


    I have sony vaio Eseries VPCEA32EN model. I did a format coz it was crashed.I want to recover my lost data, please let me know how i can do it.

    Its been formatted two times in one month

  13. Faizal :

    Haii..How about using Windows 7. This method works or not?

  14. Sagar :

    I m using windows xp sp2 with asus m2n mx se motherboard, amd athlon dual core, 1gb ram…My pc continuously restarts with blue screen appearing first fr few sec…tells system has recovered frm serious error…i have tried above gvn optns bt didnt wat shud i do nw plz help me out!!! Plzz!!!

  15. keumayou Bruno :

    i am using HP,windows xp and one day it just stoped and when i on it, i saw a blue sreen at boot up and it restart,when i tried formating it, all whent well until when i got to the point of partitionning the HDD and i noticed that a new partition can not be created nor the old one deleted please help me i dont know if my HDD is bad or my RAM or what pls help me

  16. anric urmeneta :

    oh my god! same as this computer what im using. It keeps on rebooting a lot of times then afterwards, it will come back to normal. But im not experiencing those blue screens or something. it will just automatically restarts without any notice. IVE BEEN MAKING A PROJECT THEN ITS LOST >.<

  17. mehul patel :

    me all system folt solev tips

  18. guri626 :

    ok, so, whenever i plug a flash disk in my computer, it shows the blue screen of death, and before i can read it, it goes away, and reboots itself. if i leave the flash disk plugged in, it keeps on rebooting, until i don’t eject it. so, what can be the problem?

  19. qwerto :

    I got a hp laptop. I installed TCP/IP optimizer run it and turned off my comp. I tried booting but it gave me three options . one was to run in safe mode, of which I tried but it kept on restarting. it also gave an option of disk sanitizer and also running the setup, which when I ran using F10 it took hours and hours. I Pressed F8 and saw an option of “diaable automatic restart on system failure” and did so but a blue page was displayed. I turned off the laptop and removed the battery then later i tried booting but no results. what can I do. Please,please help. (the laptop is not mine)

  20. Chirag :

    succesful til here
    bt no crash control


    wat 2 do

  21. Klein :

    Hello sir, please help. My computer got blues creen error. I tried with Safe mode/repair/reinstall and last known good configuration. But still in blue screen when I tried all of that. What can I do? Help please!!

  22. Micheal Ndhlovu :

    Hi guys Thanks for advice. It works now.

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