Useful Firefox Download Manager DownThemAll to Boost Download Speed

If you are finding a good Firefox download manager then DownThemAll may sound a great. It is a Firefox extension that lets you to filter your downloads in several ways. Though many of us use desktop client as download manager but they can sometime take up unexpected resources. That is why DownThemAll is more preferable as it does not consume much resources but boost the download speed up to 400%. Apart from that you can add multiple options to manage your downloads by this Firefox download manager.

From the first release of this extension, it has been modified and optimized several times to give the best performance.

Why DownThemAll is a good download manager?

This Firefox extension allows to filter your downloads in many ways. As for example, You can download links, images, specific files and many more by using DownThemAll. It is also featured by Pause/Start options. Unlike the default Firefox downloader it allows to set the location where you want to store the files in your hard disk.

Here is how to install and use DownThemAll.

  • Now, you can set various options for the ease of your work. You can set maximum number of concurrent downloads as well as set the alert when download is completed etc.

  • Now, you can add any download to the DownloadThemAll list by right-clicking on the item.

Key Features:

1. It is light-weight. Hence, no extra resource is needed.

2. The download speed increases upto 400%.

3. The download filtering is available with this extension.

4. Download prioritization is available.

5. Simple interface with Pause, Start,Cancel options.

6. It’s free.

The only boundation of this tool is that you will need to install Mozilla Firefox before you use this extension.

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