Use Yahoo Email Inbox to Chat With Facebook Friends

Yahoo has recently integrated Facebook chat with its Yahoo Mail Service. It is not easy to know the email id of the Facebook user, so when using other services like Gtalk you are not able to chat with your Facebook friends. Though Digsby has an option to add Facebook friends to chat with them directly from it. Yahoo has launched the Facebook Contact Importer which allows Yahoo Mail users to integrate their Facebook friends emails to Yahoo mail. This service gives you the opportunity to chat with your Facebook friends inside Yahoo mail.

In the past, yahoo messenger was the best way to chat with the friends, but it did not get updated with time. This is first time that yahoo gives a chance to chat with other service except the yahoo friends. So now there is no need to use Gtalk or other messengers to chat with your other friends who does not have a yahoo id but a Facebook account. Once your Facebook contacts are added in the Yahoo Email Inbox, you can feel that your all friends are in a room, and you are chatting and sharing your words with them.

The benefit of this option is that you do not need to toggle between two pages – the email interface and the chat window, both actions are performed in a single window. This gives you more message space, you can scroll the entire mail page, that means you can see as much as content as possible. On the left side of the page you will see your online Facebook friends.

Chat with the yahoo mail gives the option to view the chat history. When you click on the “Conversations” tab that is below the “Inbox” option, you will instantly be able to see all of your previous conversations.

Here are 5 easy steps by which you can import Facebook contacts to your Yahoo Email Inbox.

1. Login into your yahoo mail account

2. Click on the Contacts tab at the top.

3. Then click Import now button.

4. Now choose the services like Facebook, Gmail, Live and many other to import contacts from those.

5. Finally, log in to Specific services to Authenticate. All the contacts from the specific service will automatically be imported to your yahoo contacts address book.

Now you can communicate with the people you care about. The other benefit is where social sites are restricted you can use as a tool to chat with your Facebook friends. So now when you feel to connect with your Facebook friends there is no need to log into a Facebook account. No matter chat with your friends where you are.

Tip: Access Facebook if blocked in school.

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