Write Email Messages, Save Secret Text Data Using QR Codes

What the QR codes offer is that you can transfer information from one screen to another. In details, you can transfer information from your computer screen or newspaper page to your mobile device without using any wired or storage media. Just scan the code image and decode it to know the meaning. The thing that you need is a QR code reading app in your mobile phone (generally most smart phone do have it) to extract the information behind the QR codes.

Furthermore, you can use QR codes to store or send confidential information like secret text data, bank account numbers, web page URL etc.

The benefit of using it is that anyone who is not a computer savvy or do not have any application to figure out the QR codes won’t able to decode the image.

Suppose, you want to store some confidential letters in your computer which is also shared by your family persons or somebody else. Storing those type of confidential data in QR codes rather than in general text format will ensure a better privacy.

You can also use QR codes to write email and send it to your girl friend so that none can read the email at a glance if she left her inbox open.

So, here is some stuffs you may consider to follow to keep your privacy secured.

Generate QR codes

To create the QR codes for any text data, just visit QR code generator and type/paste the text in the right box. This service uses the Google Charts API. Generally, a QR code can contain 4,296 characters. So it is enough to store a lengthy text document into the image version.

If you want to create the QR code for any web page, use the Firefox addon Mobile barcoder.

Generate QR codes to send emails through the mobile phone

It is also possible to write an email message with QR code image in such a way that if you scan the code image with mobile phone, the message will automatically open with the right mail composer application, available in your phone, being ready to send.

Here is how to edit your email to directly send from mobile phone using the QR code image.

You need to write the email in the following format:

SUB:I am sending this email using QR code;
BODY:I have stored all of your letters in QR codes.

[Add more here]

[Your Name];;

[Hat tip]

Though, in the above format, I have used MATMSG identifier, you can also use the mailto syntax which is used in HTML web pages.

After writing the email in right format, paste the total thing at QR code generator. It will generate the QR code for the text you pasted or typed. Just store the QR code image and scan it with your mobile phone and make fun!!So, QR code is a good way to transport information via computer or mobile screen. But what about reading the QR codes?

If you have a smart phone or QR code scanner, you can easily use those to extract the information behind it. But if you  do not ave some instruments and still want to read QR codes into your desktop, try bcTester.

How to read QR codes in desktop

Download the application and extract it into your hard disk location. Install the application at your computer. Once you are done, run the application and open any QR code image from the ‘Open’ button. You can also drag and drop the image into application window from both the local storage drive and the web location.

Once you get that in the application window, hit the QR button and the information behind the image is unveiled. This application has some additional tool which can help you a lot while working with the QR code images.

Another application to decode the QR code is bcWebCam. The advantage of using this app is that you can use your webcam to take the picture of a QR code image from outside the computer.

Download bcWebCam and install the application into your computer. At the time of launching, the application shows the basic how -to guides for capturing and decoding the QR code images.

Any suggestion is always welcome.

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  1. Holger :

    nice post, thanks!
    I experimented a bit with QR and have one issue: most readers I tried with my phone (‘old’ Nokia E71), but also others including iPhone 4 do not open the email automatically. They decode the text correctly, but the email does not open.
    Is there a way to ‘force’ the reader to instantly open the mail?

  2. Albert Botwey :

    compose an email on the topic formatting pasted text and saving information

  3. Kevin :

    Should this automatically send an email or open a email? Like the Holger comment i can read the text and everything but no email is sent or opened.

  4. dherny54.tumblr.com :

    I’m gone to inform my little brother, that he should also visit this weblog on regular basis to obtain updated from hottest news.

  5. koichi :

    Hi, thanks for the code and tips. How do write the code for multiple email addresses in the “To:” field?

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