How to Use Windows 8 Metro Apps from Windows Explorer

I am using Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 Operating System from last 4 months and am quite habitual to it now, but the Metro Apps are a bit uncomfortable to use at times. The only reason that I feel using the Metro Apps uncomfortable, that they run in full screen, we cannot minimize the app anyhow and moreover it also lacks the ‘Restore’ or ‘Close’ buttons. I cannot run two apps at a time and can’t even change the window size.

Normally, when I use the Metro Apps on my laptop, it’s quite tough to switch between the apps. I still miss the old Windows interface at such times.

Guide to Use Windows 8 Metro Apps from Explorer

While looking at the solution to this problem I came across an interesting way where I can get access to the Metro apps from Windows Explorer too. The method I found so simple and quick. I never thought it would be that simple to access the Metro apps from Windows explorer.

I found this way quite simple and useful and thus thought of sharing it here to help other Windows 8 users. If you want to access all your Metro apps via Windows Explorer, just follow the steps mentioned below:

Step # 1 – Go to your desktop, right-click your mouse and create a new shortcut.

Create Shortcut for Metro apps

Step #2 – This will open a new pop up window asking for the location of the item. Copy this item from here and paste it there and click on ‘Next’.

%windir%explorer.exe shell:::{4234d49b-0245-4df3-b780-3893943456e1}

location for Metro apps

Step #3 – A new window will then ask for the shortcut name. Fill in any name of your choice and click ‘Finish’. I used ‘Metro Apps’ to name the shortcut.

metro appsshortcut name

This will create the shortcut on your desktop.

metro apps shortcut in desktop

When you open that shortcut, you will notice all your apps in this particular folder including all your Metro Apps.

metro apps in windows explorer

Wasn’t that simple? After adding this shortcut on my desktop, I can reach all my apps from the Windows Explorer.

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    This is one of the greatest one of TTG. I just used these Windows 8 Metro Apps from Windows Explorer.

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    Thanks for sharing this nice trick. Its amazing. I did it by myself and its cool. Thanks

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