How to Turn off Twitter App Graph on Android & iOS

Twitter is a globally renowned social networking site that has brought about an internet revolution for the usage of hash tags. Though Twitter has several limitations (including the number of characters in a tweet) as compared to other popular social networking sites like Facebook, it has proved to be an effective micro-blogging platform. However, with the increasing demand for more personalized networking experience and tough competition from rivals like Facebook, Pinterest, etc., Twitter has taken a step towards personalized Tweeting experience through the launch of Twitter App Graph. In this article, we shall check out the features of Twitter App Graph as well as understand the tips to disable Twitter App Graph.

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What is the Twitter App Graph?

It does venture into your private space with regards to usage of smartphones and related devices to collect relevant data. In simple words, it collects the list of apps installed or downloaded on your mobile device with the objective of providing a tailored experience on Twitter. It does not collect any data from within the apps. Thus, Twitter plans to keep track of the applications you use and accordingly deliver content of your interest.

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What are the benefits of Twitter App Graph?

As mentioned in above paragraph, Twitter App Graph is aimed at providing a better tailored experience for all its users depending on their areas of interest. Some beneficial ways in which this can be used are listed below:

  • Displaying more relevant and promoted content to the users.
  • Significantly improved “who to follow” suggestions which share similar interest.
  • Addition of interesting stuff (as per your liking) to your timeline in the form of tweets, accounts or related content.

Why would someone want to deactivate Twitter App Graph?

Even though Twitter claims that using this app graph they would only collect data about the apps and not from within the apps, still there is a concern among several people about the lack of privacy with regards to their app usage. Some people are not comfortable with Twitter spying on their mobile devices and tracking their app usage. So, Twitter has provided an option for them to turn off the Twitter App Graph for Android or iOS users. In other words, it is possible for you to stop Twitter from tracking your apps.

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How to disable Twitter App Graph for Android?

    1. Go to the Twitter App on your Android mobile device.
    2. Tap on the “menu” icon or “overflow” icon.
    3. Go to “Settings” section and tap on the account that you wish to adjust.
    4. In the “Other” section, you can turn off the option “Tailor Twitter based on my apps”.

How to turn off Twitter App Graph for iOS?

    1. Go to the Twitter app on your iOS mobile device.
    2. Under the “Me” tab, tap on the “gear” icon (which resembles the “settings” icon).
    3. Move over to the “Settings” section and tap on the account which you want to adjust.
    4. In the “Privacy” section, you can turn off the option “Tailor Twitter based on my apps”.

You can follow the above mentioned steps to enable the Twitter App Graph again by simply activating the option “Tailor Twitter based on my apps”. Additionally, Twitter won’t collect information about the list of apps on your Android or iOS device, if you have selected the option “Opt out of interest-based ads” on your Android device or selected “Limit Ad Tracking” option on your iOS device.

Thus, depending on your choice, you could allow Twitter to scan the list of mobile apps you use or you could stop Twitter from tracking the list of mobile apps installed on your device. You can check out further details here: Official Twitter blog post

Hope you would benefit from the Twitter App Graph tricks discussed here. Please feel free to share your experiences below!

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