How To Translate Subtitles in Your Own Language and Add Permanently with a Video

There are times when I need to add subtitles for the foreign movies. Because, not only the Japanese, Chinese or French languages but I also love to use subtitles with the English TV shows or music videos. In fact, not all the popular videos and movies are available with the subtitles in your native language.

Consider your friend is not too much strong in English and he’s asked you to arrange the subtitles for a popular movie in his native language, say Spanish. It is quite challenging to find out the subtitles in Spanish. But you can apply a simple trick to help your friend to completely understand the movie.

First off, find out an English subtitle file for that movie from the internet – which is not too hard job, I think. The subtitle files should be .srt formatted.

Once you download the file, open it with Notepad. To open the SRT files with notepad

  • Simply double-click on the file > click on the button saying “select a program from a list of installed program” > click on OK.

  • The list of applications appears. Choose Notepad and click OK.

Now the fun starts. All the subtitles are written there in simple text, mentioned with the time intervals.

What you will have to do is to replace each sentence or word with the translated version. Once done, save the file by pressing  Ctrl + S.

That’s it. You are now ready to use the subtitle in your own language with the movie. I have replaced the English sentences with Spanish in the above example.

Voila!! Adding the subtitle file with the movie will show each conversation in the translated language.

Note: Make sure that the font for the language in that you translate is available in your computer.

How to Add the subtitle permanently with a video file

While subtitles can be added in various ways depending on the media player, you would like to attach the subtitle file permanently with the video file so that you or your friend never need to add it separately each time to watch.

A lot of applications are available to add subtitles permanently with a video file. But here I will use VLC media player as it is broadly used in the world and almost everyone do have it.

T attach any subtitle file with your favorite video, run VLC media player in your computer and consider to follow the steps below:

1. Click on Media from the VLC media player menu bar and then choose Convert/save.

2. Add the video file and select the check box “use a subtitles file”.

3. Press the Convert/Save button. The next window pops up, where you have to mention the destination file name with the location.

In this step, put the extension with your target file name. Say, you are converting the file in MP4 format. Then give the file name as some_name.mp4. Also select the perfect video format from the Profile drop-down.

4. Finally, click on the Start button and the process starts immediately. It will take some time to complete depending on the video file size.

Once completed, run the video and you should watch the subtitles without adding any subtitle file anymore.

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