Tips to Format Text When Writing Posts, Messages in Google Plus

It is time to celebrate the Google plus hike. From the past couple of days, I was involved in customizing my Google plus profile, enabling private message there and the thing in which I was involved more is sending invitation to people from my Google plus profile.

It is great place to share your thoughts publicly or privately. You can write your message in the share box at your Google plus stream and share that with selected circles, selected people even with every one in Google plus network.

But when writing message, some time the plain text format doe not act enough to make your message meaningful. Say, you want to highlight some words or sentences in you message body by keeping them in bold text format. Again some time you may want to use the strike through format as for your need. In Google plus, there is no such graphical option to format the text of your message.

But you can edit your message with some popular text format by enclosing the text in some special characters. Here is in details:

1. Bold: If you want show any word(s) in bold text format, enclose the word(s) with *.

Example: Type *This text will be shown bold* in the share box. the out put will be in bold format: This text will be shown bold.

2. Italic: Enclose the text with _ (underscore) to show it in italic format.

Example: _This is in italic text format_ will convert the enclosed text in italic format. The output ->> This is in italic text format.

3. Strike through: Enclose the text with – (dash) to strike through the text.

Example: strike through will show it as Strike Through.

Here is the message written in Google plus share box.

And this is the message looks like as:

Do you know more tricks on text formats in Google plus? – do share with us.

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  1. syl :

    yep +- surprise 😡

  2. Draco18s :

    G+ appears to be using a (partial) Textile formatting system (

    Although +underline+ @code@ !image.png! “hyperline”: don’t work.

  3. Shedo Surashu :

    But how do I actually show the text as plain? For example, I want to use *test* and I want to show it as it is? No bold styling whatsoever. How do I do that?

  4. Draco18s :

    You can’t. I spent ten minutes yesterday doing anything I could think of, nothing worked.

  5. Shedo Surashu :

    @Dracp18s, Oh.. Bummer… -.-

  6. Draco18s :

    I’ve given Google some feedback about it, but I doubt anything will change.

  7. Craig Calvert :

    While a brute-force technique, you could simply use a screenshot of the plain-formatted text.

  8. Shawn :

    How about using a space on either side: * test *
    Or, use ∗ instead: ∗test∗

  9. Shawn :

    Oops. The code for that is &lowast ; with no space before the ;

  10. Draco18s :

    @Craig: on G+ you can’t just use a screenshot, as you can’t put arbitrary images in-line in your posts. Good thought though!

    @Shawn: G+ doesn’t accept arbitrary HTML and &lowast doesn’t work either. Darn!

  11. hans :

    @Draco18s, @Shedo Surashu, the *test* does not produce bold text if one of the asterisks are attached to another symbol in the beginning or in the end. Eg. a*test* will show without bold. It also works with an apostrophe which is slightly more discrete, ‘*test*. It’s a silly workaround, but it works. Google uses this formatting for GTalk as well.

  12. Draco18s :

    Good to know. And haven’t used Gtalk in ages (not since I tried using the Trillian plugin and setting myself invisible across all services crashed the entire application).

  13. Douglas Clark :

    For some reason when I posted from my blog, the google plus description picked up a caption and not my body copy. Any way to edit that?

  14. Draco18s :

    Not that I’m aware of, Douglas. Google seems to use some kind of page-parsing script to figure out what the “primary” content of the page is, for those little blurbs. It’s [i]fairly[/i] good, but it does mess up sometimes.

    No idea what it’s looking for, so I don’t know what one would need to do to alter their website layout so that the blurb is what one would want it to be.

  15. ngrumpi bola :

    how to create auto post my web to google plus

  16. Shedo :

    @ Ngrumpi Bola, That’s not yet possible currently.

  17. Anti-Bullying Campaign from TalkEZY :

    Super helpful… but I wish hootsuite would integrate into Google+… i feel like Google’s social network is too difficult to manage so people don’t use it.

  18. :

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    but I was wondering which blog platform are
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  19. Dave :

    Tried this just and now and at first thought it wasn’t working. It turns out that if you have line breaks in your text, then you need to enclose each line with the modifiers, rather than the whole text block.

  20. Matthew Shuey :

    I always wondered how G+ users were able to format their post content.

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