Tinychat Lets to Create Your Own Video Chat Room

Chatting is one of the popular electronic media for interacting with people instantly. You can get involved in a conversation with your friend by text chatting but video chatting makes the interaction more live, real and interesting. But, creating a chat room allows you to engage many people to join and chat with each other.

Tinychat lets you to create a browser-based video chat room where your friends can join right from the browser. It has a smashing interface where you can manage the crowd and get connected with multiple number of people at a time.

Firstly, Tinychat is totally free and requires a one step signing-up way to get started with it. No email activation is required. You can also sign-in with your Facebook account if you wish. For that, you have to share your Facebook account credentials with Tinychat which may not be a preferable choice for you.

Getting started with Tinychat

You can sign-up in Tinychat from the right-top corner of the home page and just give your username, email id, password and then fill up the captcha code. You are done!

The follow-up step contains a list of people to follow which you can skip or select some to follow. Next, you need to enter some information about yourself like biography, a long description about you, profile picture, website or Facebook page URL etc in the upcoming step.

Once you are done with giving your information, you will not be redirected automatically to any page to create a chat room. This happened with me and I was quite unsure how to create a chat room there.

But, while I clicked on the profile tab from the navigation bar, it showed me the chat box highlighting that I am the moderator of that chat room. Well, click to the Profile tab to create a chat room for your own and you will be asked to connect your Facebook, Twitter accounts though you can leave this step along and click on the Go button to continue with creating the chat room.

To make your com available for every one to see, simply click Start Broadcasting button. Tinychat will search for your plugged in camera and audio devices so that you can choose to start a video chat.

After creating, you can share that with your Facebook, Twitter or MySpace friends or directly email the web address.

The link of your chat room should be the subdomain address obtained by adding your username at the end of the Tinychat website URL. For instance, if your username is user_name, the link address should be http://tinychat.com/user_name.

You can also embed the chat room in your blog or website by pasting the embed code which has an attractive color scheme that can be chosen by an easy one click way.

Add your Facebook chat to Tinychat

The Tinychat comes with another extra feature to integrate Facebook chat with your chat room. Connect your Facebook account from the right sidebar (Tinychat requires your permission to get access to your Facebook profile). An overlay plate appears to invite your friends to join the chat room.

All the Facebook friends who joins your chat room will be able to see every thing that happens there. If you wish to invite some friend personally and want to chat privately, you can do that from the list of friends under the Facebook tab. Clicking on a name will generate an overlay plate containing the inviting options.

Despite the fact that there are many popular desktop clients available for text or video chat like Skype, I prefer Tinychat as it is simple, easy to configure and the best thing is that it is browser-based application – you won’t have to install any software. On the other hand, the person who joins your chat room can start chatting without any sign-up process.

So give Tinychat a try and share your words with us.

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