Test Website Preview in iPhone, iPad, IE and Other Browsers

Designing of your site for the internet users is a difficult job as it appears differently in different browser platform and resolutions. Here a complete guide to test your site in IE, iPhone, iPad and other browsers.

Your website would be looking differently when browsing from different browser like Firefox, Opera, Sea Monkey, Google Chrome, Netscape etc. Again, you might be knowing that the view of your website may differ in the same browser but different operating system. As example, if you test your website with Firefox in both Windows and Linux, you’d see the difference in there appearance.

Test your website in cross browser platform

Browser Shots is a free web application that tests your site for different browser in different platform. Just click on the link and type the address of your website. The application provides a good number of slandered browsers to be tested with your website.


The above tools is bit slow and you have to wait for a while to load your site in all the browsers. If you don’t like to wait, you can try Adobe Browserlab. You have to register onetime to access this tool. It’s free! After registering, you can select the browsers set and check your website for those selected browsers.


Website Preview in iPhone, iPad

Now, many users browse their favorite websites from iPhone or iPad. So you should design you website for your readers so that they can read the content of your site from iPhone/iPad. You can check your website even if you do not have any iPhone or iPad. Click on this link TestiPhone.com and test your site view in iPhone or iPad.


Test your Website for Internet Explorer (IE 6, IE 7, IE 8)

Internet explorer would be the most annoying browser in prospect the design of your site. But you can’t neglect this as it is still most used browser in world.

Microsoft has released a small tool SuperPreview to check the compatibility of your website design with all the Internet IE version. Download Microsoft SuperPreview and check your browser compatibility with all the IE versions i.e IE 6, IE 7, IE 8.


Do you want to add some more suggestions. Please drop it in the comment section.


  1. Shabnam Sultan :

    I just checked my blog in iPhone :)

  2. Sebas :

    TestiPhone.com doesn’t work. It just loads the website in a smaller (iPhone-sized) window. It doens’t recognise any special iphone device code and related css.

  3. Rich :

    That’s right, so many of the “iphone” test sites just load the page into an iframe surrounded by a graphic of the phone. All a swizz.

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