How to Install Adobe Reader on Ubuntu or Other Linux Distros

The Adobe Reader is widely used in Windows operating system to read the PDF documents. But in Linux, there are several open-source PDF document readers like Evince or Okular, which are more faster and lightweight. Though there is a Linux version of Adobe Reader, you might find it as extremely slower than the open source […]

Make Linux Look Like Android

Alone with the release of GNOME Shell for Linux, plenty of different themes are coming in the market with the new advance look for Linux desktop environment. So, keeping this in mind, today we are going the takeover the theme of Android 4.0 ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’, recently released for Gnome Shell. Advanced tip: How to […]

Run Windows Applications On Linux With PlayOnLinux

No doubt, Linux Operating system is the best of all when it comes to flexibility and customization. But when it comes to application, Windows application scores over the other. But what if we could use the blend of two? Flexibility and customization of Linux and the well-versed Windows-based applications. Though, you can install and run […]

Prepare Ubuntu Live USB Disk to Install Ubuntu from USB SticK

Installing Ubuntu in your computer is not too much hard. You can install Ubuntu from the CD/DVD. Even you can install Ubuntu into Windows system. But what, if your computer does not have any CD or DVD drive (Several companies launched the mini laptops called as Netbook without having any CD/DVD drive)? Installing Ubuntu from […]

How to Connect Internet with Wireless USB Modem in Linux

Every modem has its own application for connecting internet with a unique username and password – be it for broadband connection thought your Ethernet port or any wireless USB modem. Each service or device has its own log-in client for Windows system as well as for Linux. But the Linux versions of such applications are […]

Google Cloud Print with Linux, Windows, MAC Computers

Yes, it is again the Google Cloud Printing and we are here to make use of this awesome wireless printing service in advanced and productive ways. In a previous article on Google cloud print, I was telling about a chrome extension that allows you to print your Documents using Cloud Printing without any mobile. But […]

Speed Up Boot-Up Process in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

A mentionable open source code operating system, the The Ubuntu 10.04 “Lucid Lynx” provides its users to control the system activities like no other, making it undoubtedly the most user friendly platform available today. However, according to some, a drawback of the Lucid Lynx is the time taken for the operating system to boot. The […]

5 Useful Ubuntu Apps for Beginners

If you love open operating systems and Ubuntu is one which you have just started with then I suggest these 5 brilliant Ubuntu applications which should get you started with this powerful operating system which is based on the more popular open source Linux kernel. Ubuntu can do many things which various other operating systems […]

Hide Your Personal Files and Folders in Linux

Talking about security, what a user would primarily do is to hide his personal data from others who can get access to his computer. This data may include certain files or folders. Hiding such files or folders is a child’s play in any Linux-based operating system. We here, at Oxhow.Com, will look upon the process […]

Install Ubuntu into Windows System Automatically Via Wubi

Installing Linux(Ubuntu) in your PC some time creates a hazard if you are not a computer savvy. At first you need a installer disk of Ubuntu. But some time it may not be available in your fingertip, though you can download an ISO image and write it in a disk. However, if you’ve arranged those, […]