How To Start Computer In Safe Mode

There are times, when some troubleshooting requires you to start computer in safe mode. Safe mode is a mode which is generally used for troubleshooting problems. So how to start Windows PC in Safe mode to cure out the problems we are facing with some drivers and programs. Similar article: What is God Mode. Start […]

How to Know if Your Computer Processor is 32 Bit or 64 Bit

Do you know about your system (processor) version? The new generation computers are 64 bit. But there are still available the 32 bit machines as well. Where the 64 bit computers support both the 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems, the 32 bit computers only support 32 bit OS. 64 bit operating systems are […]

2 Ways to Protect Windows Registry From Remote Access

The Windows Registry is a indispensable part of the Windows operating system, be it any version of Windows that you are using. The registry settings essentially states and governs every aspect of the system’s proceedings. This capital importance clearly classifies the registry as a “must be protected” region for users all around the globe, especially […]