Stop Email Notifications From All Social Networking Sites

With 2012, there are endless ways to stay connected with friends and followers, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so many social networks to follow and get connected to. But if all these social networks are not managed properly, there might be chances that you may end up your email accounts all flooded up with social networks notifications. And who can forget the huge rush of email notifications in our inboxes. That’s pretty annoying. Isn’t it? Better, you should figure out how to stop email notifications from various social networking sites.

Even if a single share or like to your Facebook status, they never miss there chances to inform you on your corresponding email ID. It’s not only Facebook, same goes for other social networking websites too. Twitter, Digg tops the list when it comes to email notifications on every single activity on your social networking account.

How to Stop Email Notifications

There are ways to stop Email notifications from every social network:

But going through each social network and working on it’s notifications settings is kind of time-consuming task. As said earlier, now it’s not just one or two social networks to follow. A huge list, a user would have to go through, if she (he) chooses to stop email notifications manually. Now I don’t think you have that much time to deal with these things.

Fortunately, we do have a web service Notification Control. Using which, users can stop email notifications from couple of social networks just spending a minute at each. You can easily clear out all the notifications mails you receive from the social networks.


How does the Notification Control Work

Notification Control is a simple to use web service which contains the direct hyperlink to all the social networks notifications web page. Once you are logged in one of them, can use visit the notification setting web page by a single click and clear out the mess you received in the form of unwanted emails from these social networks.

So visit Notification Control. It includes the link of most of the social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Google, Tumblr, YouTube, Foursquare, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Pinterest and many more. And if, you would like to add your favorite too, then mail the developer for addition request.

So, visit it and clear out the email notifications from the social networks in a flash. It is inspired by one of the similar web service called Mypersmissions.Com. MyPermissions also works the same way, but it is used to clean out the unwanted social networking apps we tend to add in our social network accounts.

Clean out unwanted Apps from Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus

Visit it and you’ll get to know what it meant for. MyPermissions is nothing  but browser plugin which keeps a strict eye on apps that are using your social network information.

Visit MyPermissionsand click the Download button. It will automatically detect your browser and serve the suitable plugin. For instance, if you are using Firefox, it will automatically download the MyPermissions’ Firefox add-on. Similarly, if you are using Google Chrome, it will download the corresponding Chrome extension.

Once installed it in your browser you can decide grant or revoke the permission of any application that is associated with your social network profile.

Both the services NotificationControl and Mypersmissions are worth using and does not demands much of your time. But saves you from loads of manual settings and permissions to grant, thus enhancing your social network security.

What do you think about these two websites, drop your views in comments.


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