Share Internet Connection in Windows XP Via Wireless Without Software

If you want to share your internet connection via WLAN (Wireless LAN) there are various way to do so. In Windows 7 or Vista, it is very easy to share your internet connection. You can create wireless Ad Hoc network. But what about the Windows XP? Personally, I used a third-party software to share my internet connection with my room mates when using Windows XP (Professional). Though, I did not like to use any third-party software for this purpose, there was no option left. I failed to share my connection without  using the Windows XP access point software. But later, I get to know how to share internet connection in Windows XP.

Why you should not use any third-party software

1. The third-party applications are more complex and use a large amount of memory. Obviously, this slow downs your machine. Where the only purpose is to share the internet connection, why would you use a complex applications?

2. When you use any third-party tool, there may be some issues with the security and privacy.

How to share internet connection in Windows XP via Wireless LAN (WLAN)

Sharing internet connection in Windows XP via Wireless LAN is easy and simple process. Follow the instructions step by step.

1. Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet Connections > Network Connections.

2. Right click on the connection which is used to access the internet in your machine. Generally, it is the Local Area Connection. Right click on it and select Properties.

3. In the Local Area Connection Properties window, click on the “Advanced” tab. Now check in the box indicating “Allow other network user to connect through this computer’s Internet connection” and click OK.

4. Repeat the step 1 and right-click on the “Wireless Network Connection” then choose “Properties”.

5. In the Wireless Network Connection Properties window select the “Wireless Networks” tab.

6. Check the box “Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings and then click on “Add…”.

7. Another window will pop up. Give a Network name (SSID) > Keep the check boxes checked or unchecked as highlighted in the picture below > Select the Network Authentication as “Open” and the Data encryption as “WEP” > type the Network key (Should be 5 or 13 Alphanumeric character) > Click on OK.

8. Now select connection and click on “Advanced”.

9. In the pop up window click on the button “Any available network (access point preferred)” then click on close and the OK.

Your network has been created successfully. Now you have to connect to that network.

1. Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet Connections > Network Connections.

2. Right click on the “Wireless Network Connection” then choose “View Available Wireless Networks”.

3. Select the network from the list and click on “Connect” > give the security key > Click “Connect”.

Now if any body wants to use the internet connection shared by you, he should connect to this network providing the same security key. After successful connection, he will able to access the internet from his machine.

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  1. Brian :

    I found this very easy to understand, also it prompted me into thinking: why did i have to connect the wireless to my pc & the internet cable into the router? this does not slow anything down, but your suggestion is what i should have done?

  2. Tanmay :

    In this tutorial I wrote about how to share the Internet via the wireless LAN of the host computer. The client can connect to this computer using the inbuilt WLAN or any Router. That does not matter on the speed. The speed issue occurs when you use some Software to share the Internet connection.

  3. Munavar :

    Hi. I was trying to apply the setting that above mentioned. But while i was sharing the LAN it was displayed a window and the messages was ” A LAN connection is already configured that is required for automatic addressing” Plse help me.

    • Rizwan :

      First you have to remove all the network adapters’ IP and then try.

  4. Greg :

    thanks for that informational ‘shared connection ‘info, Gave me many hints for my set-up. My map is different, as a wi-fi roof-top(rural, very much) is my provider, and I hope to share this connection.(antennae to wireless card psi) TO shared –via LAN with a netgear -G router. So this configuration may be step by step different,but I still haven’t pulled it off.

    ANY help appreciated.
    Feel free to mail at

  5. James :

    4. Repeat the step 1 and right click on the “Wireless Network Connection” then choose “Properties”.

    In Network connections – “Wireless Network Connection” icon is not available – Please help

  6. Tarre :

    Hello. Ive successfully created the network and i can find it on my XP that i want to share my internet connection with. But my WIndows7 laptop cant find it. Any suggestions ?

  7. MJ :

    … Nothing to do with ICS worked for me.

    In the end I used 3rd party software and it worked fine. Some of the 3rd party apps have free trials, which are excellent.

  8. Miguel Garcia :

    Hi Tanmay.

    Although the tutorial in very fine I need some help.
    In my case I’m receiving my internet through an external USB
    wireless device from TP-link on a notebook and need
    to share this internet through the same notebook internal
    wireless card (Intel Wireless 3945ABG).
    I follow all the steps you said with the only difference
    when you said : “Right click on the connection which is used to access the internet in your machine. Generally, it is the Local Area Connection” I selected wireless from the external TP-link USB wireless device .
    All went well except I can not see the created wireless network for the notebook internal wireless card, at the final steps of your description.

    Can you help me, please?

    Really lots of thanks in advance,

    Miguel Garcia

  9. sagar :

    nice post but i’m unable to see network after clicking on “view available networks”
    plz help

  10. Sultan :

    at last step advanced I’d choosed computer-to-computr(ad hoc) the third option insted of “Any available network (access point preferred)” and it works fine for 3G brodband!

  11. zain :

    I have try to sharing internet as above …. desktop wifi to wifi connected ok but net sharing not working.

    we use to net sharing through
    1= USB 3G Device (primery intenet) (sharing)
    2= WiFi PCI Card (Secondary)
    Note:- Os use windows xp,sp3

  12. arian :

    helped me so simply thanks alot

  13. shubham :

    hi can i connect my 3G dongle network of laptop to my android phone by using this steps….plz gimm me a reply???

    • Rizwan :

      Yes you can. The Procedure is the same. You have to share your dongle dial up.

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