Remove Ads and Unwanted Friends in Facebook

If you feel your Facebook interface is fussy for the advertisements and want to wipe out the ads from your Facebook pages, there is a simple trick to eradicate them.

Again, having too many friends in your friend list may be tedious to find out the important person from the crowd. So it is wise to remove the unwanted persons from your friend list for a better and quick communication. But generally, erasing them one-by-one is not a good choice when you are too busy with lot of tasks.

You can customize your page’s property by some Greasemonkey scripts. But if you are in Firefox, you should make your Firefox ready to run such scripts. There is a cool Firefox addon called as Greasemonkey which lets you to install any Greasemonkey script in your browser.

Remove ads from Facebook Page

Remove Facebook Ads is a Greasemonkey script which helps you to makes your Facebook interface clutter free by removing the ads from the sidebar and the main pages. The Addon allows you to customize the display behavior of any webpage. Install Remove Facebook Ads.

Once you are done with the installation, just refresh the page to see the changes.

Facebook-Friend Quick Remove

If you have a long list of friends in your Facebook account or added some unwanted friends without having any knowledge about them, you might want to remove those friends from your friend list. Removing every person from the friend list one-by-one is not an easy work in the current Facebook interface.

But the Facebook Friend Quick Remove script adds a Remove button to each of the entries in your friend list. So if you wish any person to remove from the list, just click on the Remove button. Install Facebook Friend Quick Remove script.

Do you still surf Facebook with the clutter? Do share your words with us.

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  1. Kevin V :

    Ive been doing Facebook Ads for a while now and haven’t heard of this Facebook Friend Quick remove yet.. cool stuff!

    • conference call :

      This has been a very significant blog indeed. I’ve acquired a lot of helpful information from your article. Thank you for sharing such relevant topic with us.

  2. kundan :

    sir your information about shortcut is to the point…
    so i like it, thanks!!!!

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