Pick up The Texts from An Image File Online

Free OCR is an interesting web tool that allows you to pickup the texts from any picture and fit them in an editable version. It is pretty easy to convert any printed or scanned texts to the editable text with this awesome online tool.

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The useful features of Free OCR

  1. All the popular image formats like JPEG,GIF,TIFF,PNG or BMP are acceptable in Free OCR.
  2. As it accepts PDF files so you don’t need to install any PDF to Word document converter in your computer.
  3. It comes along with various languages.
  4. It is totally free utility.There is no hassle of any registration process.Just brows Free OCR and upload your image that you want to convert.
  5. It takes a little time to convert your image.pick-up-the-texts-from-any-picture

The limitations of Free OCR

  1. In Free OCR you are not permitted to upload any image larger than 2MB.
  2. If you convert a PDF file then only the first page will be converted.

Thou there is some limitation of this free online utility,it sounds a great role in online image converting.So you can make a try.

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